Exterior of a Primrose School of College Station

Primrose School of College Station

Franchise Owners

Hello, we are Darci and Ron Merrill, the proud owners of the Primrose School of College Station. We are thrilled to bring Primrose School's proven educational childcare model to this area by openin...

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Our Staff


Melissa Fisher

Area Director


Tina Matthews


Kayla Wurtz, Assistant Director

Kayla Wurtz

Assistant Director

Nicole Jackson, Administrative Assistant

Nicole Jackson

Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Munguia, Chef

Jennifer Munguia



Naomi Daylong

Young Infants Assistant Teacher

Jennifer Summerlin, Older Infants Lead Teacher

Jennifer Summerlin

Older Infants Lead Teacher

Tamel Tumlinson, Older Infants Assistant Teacher

Tamel Tumlinson

Older Infants Assistant Teacher

Caroline Bartholomew, Older Infants Assistant Teacher

Caroline Bartholomew

Older Infants Assistant Teacher

Alma Botello, Young Toddlers Lead Teacher

Alma Botello

Young Toddlers Lead Teacher

Jessica Pate, Young Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Jessica Pate

Young Toddlers Assistant Teacher

Brooke Lunsford, Older Toddler Lead Teacher

Brooke Lunsford

Older Toddler Lead Teacher

Dishay Fanly, Floater

Dishay Fanly

Older Toddler Assistant Teacher

Wendy Pate, Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Wendy Pate

Early Preschool I Lead Teacher

Veronica Truett, Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Veronica Truett

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Sydney Rogers, Preschool II Assistant Teacher

Sydney Rogers

Preschool Pathways Lead Teacher

Robin Gordon, Early Pre-School II Assistant Teacher

Robin Gordon

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher


Erin Brucks

Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher

Ann Platt, Preschool I Lead Teacher

Ann Platt

Preschool I Lead Teacher


Diana Aviles

Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Haley McNeill, Preschool II LeadTeacher

Haley McNeill

Preschool II LeadTeacher

Sara Johnson, Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Sara Johnson

Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Sarah Cox, Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Sarah Cox

Pre-K I Lead Teacher

Landry Owens, Pre-K I Assistant Teacher

Landry Owens

Pre-K I Assistant Teacher

Gretchen Tew, Pre-K II Lead Teacher

Gretchen Tew

Pre-K II Lead Teacher

Cathy Russell, Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Cathy Russell

Private Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Brenda Johnson, Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Brenda Johnson

Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Caitlin Phillips, Explorers Assistant Teacher

Caitlin Phillips

Explorers Assistant Teacher

Lauren Winfield, Explorers Assistant Teacher

Lauren Winfield

Explorers Assistant Teacher

Becca Wade, Floater

Becca Wade


Michelle DeLeon, Floater

Michelle DeLeon



Kelly Jo Driver



Isley Thompson



Kaitlyn Monroe



Kyla Alvarado



Alyssa Melikian