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Rob Parsons


Rob Parsons

Thank you for your interest in Primrose of Chelmsford.

In order to help clarify your decision about joining Primrose, I would love to tell you more about myself and the school. The Primrose school of Chelmsford was founded in 2016 after my wife and I struggled to find a place that fit what my children needed, as well as what I expected when it came to the curriculum and care that would be put towards my children on a daily basis. Primrose is a place that emphasizes learning through fun and naturally engaging activities. Our balanced learning® approach consists of an active mind, healthy body, and happy heart. We focus on not only the children’s education, but their character and individualization. Only the best and most trusted caretakers and educators are hired at the Primrose School of Chelmsford. We specialize in education and excel in terms of care for your children.

My two beautiful children adore Primrose and its faculty members. They are my world, so finding an education program that fit their needs was something I could not overlook. Being at Primrose, my children have not only bettered their education, but they have become individuals with their own thoughts, opinions, and developing personalities.

Growing up in Lowell gave me a perspective of not only what Southern New Hampshire has, but what it was in desperate need of. While I am an entrepreneur of many businesses, Primrose will always have a special place in my heart because of the importance it plays in not only my children’s lives, but in my community's lives. I will always do what I can to create a better future for the kids in this community, and Primrose has done this tenfold.

The curriculum, staffing, and energy that flows through Primrose every day makes me proud. The impact that the school plays in the lives of people who walk through the building and the children who are able to learn here is unmatched. Transforming the community through creating value added developments is what I am most passionate about; striving to leave a positive footprint in my community. I can confidently say that Primrose has accomplished this goal. 

Please stop by for a tour of Primrose, as we would love to show you all that we can offer you and your child.


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