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Primrose School of Chapel Hill East

Our Staff

  • Tabitha Glenn, Director

    Tabitha Glenn


    Tabitha was born and raised in Durham, NC. She earned her associate’s degree in early childhood education and has been working in the childcare field for over 10 years. Being a mother of three children, Tabitha has developed skills in crafts and decorating cakes, which has allowed her the opportunity to utilize her talents with the children in her care.

  • Amber Hickman, Assistant Director

    Amber Hickman

    Assistant Director

    Ms. Amber is from Shallotte, NC. Ms. Amber has 5 years of experience in the early childhood field. She attended Shaw University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood. She looks at all of her co-teachers as her family and feels that having them as family helps each other to grow and support each other. Ms. Amber has one dog at home named Collin, he is 4 years old. In her free time she likes to watch scary movies. Ms. Amber loves to help children grow. She really likes to make sure children feel loved and cared for when they are with her.

  • Julie Tcherkassky, Curriculum Coach

    Julie Tcherkassky

    Curriculum Coach

    Ms. Julie was born in West Virginia and currently lives in Durham NC with her husband and their two dogs, Kora and Bruce. She loves story time and can recite Stellaluna from memory. Ms. Julie has 14 years of experience in a childcare classroom. She has attended Vance Granville, where she obtained her associate's degree in Early Childhood, Notre Dame of Maryland to receive her bachelor’s in liberal arts, and she is attending NCCU for Graduate school for Library Science. She loves to give children attention and love along with education so they can feel the same way she did when she was small. She loves literacy and feels that it is very important for the children to have compassion and love for literacy also.

  • Ellaina Smith, Administrative Assistant

    Ellaina Smith

    Administrative Assistant

    Ms. Ellaina is from Queens, NY where she grew up with her two siblings. Ms. Ellaina went to UNC Chapel Hill where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. During her free time Ms. Ellaina likes to read books. Ms. Ellaina loves working with all ages of children but really enjoys working with one year old children because they learn and grow so much during that time. She loves watching their personalities develop!

  • Taylor Brown, Infant Teacher

    Taylor Brown

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Taylor is from Whiteville, NC but has lived in Durham, NC most of her life. She is a mom to a wonderful little girl that keeps her on her toes all the time. During what free time she has, Ms. Taylor likes to read books. Ms. Taylor has 4 ½ years in the childcare field along with her experience as a mom. She attended Southeastern Community College where she obtained her associates degree in early childhood. She is currently attending UNCG to get her bachelor's degree. Ms. Taylor loves to watch the “light bulb” moments when children learn new things.

  • Lillian Whetzel, Infant Teacher

    Lillian Whetzel

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Lilli is from Graham, NC where she was raised with her two younger siblings. She has three years of experience working with children. She went to Appalachian State University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Diversity Studies. She has a fiancé and two dogs (Cooper and Willow) at home. Ms. Lilli likes to ride horses and rode competitively while in college. Ms. Lilli has wanted to be a teacher since she was small and loved helping her mom raise her two younger siblings.

  • Lauren MacGregor, Infant Teacher

    Lauren MacGregor

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Lauren is from Durham, NC. Her childcare experience ranges from her time with her own children, to time spent as a nanny, to working in a preschool setting. She is CNA certified from Durham Tech. Her family consists of her children, her wonderful fiancé, and her dog, Freckles. She says that she loves children and working to shape their little minds. One fun thing about Ms. Lauren is that she enjoys a good laugh!

  • Shawnesi Russell, Infant Teacher

    Shawnesi Russell

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Shawnesi has been working in childcare for over 5 years. She went to school at NCCU where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Early Childhood Education. She is the middle child with two brothers and loves her Pomeranian named Tobias. She has played the harp for 12 years and really enjoys it. She loves working with children because children offer a fun loving energy to everyone that they encounter. This energy makes Ms. Shawnesi notice the positive things in the world.

  • Brooklinn Snyder, Infant Teacher

    Brooklinn Snyder

    Infant Teacher

    Ms. Brooklinn is from Albemarle, NC! She has four years of employed childcare experience and two years of volunteer experience prior to that. She is currently working towards her associate’s degree but has taken a break due to the pandemic. Her family consists of her three siblings, a younger sister and two younger brothers, as well as her mom, dad, and stepdad. She also has two dogs, named Gus and Kota. Ms. Brooklinn has a passion for helping children from infants to kindergarten reach important milestones. She says that it fills her heart with joy when children express excitement over learning a new skill!

  • Shanta Irby, Toddler Teacher

    Shanta Irby

    Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Shanta is from Burlington, NC, but currently lives in Mebane. She graduated from Alamance Community College with a degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked on and off in childcare, taking a break in between positions to raise her children. Her family consists of her significant other, her two daughters, and her one-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter named Savanna. Ms. Shanta also has her cat, Tom, and two dogs, Pepper and Cookie. She loves spending her free time with her granddaughter, who she describes as her world! She also enjoys horror movies and museums. Ms. Shanta has wanted to work with children since she was a teenager. She says that she loves children!

  • Shanihya Felder, Toddler Teacher

    Shanihya Felder

    Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Shanihya is originally from Brooklyn, NY. She moved to Rocky Mount, NC to attend high school. Her experience with children began during her senior year of high school. During college, she was able to a do a field placement that helped her gain even more experience working in childcare. Ms. Shanihya attended NCCU, where she was able to earn her Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science. She was raised in a family with seven other children, and she has a husky named Lucky. In her spare time, Ms. Shanihya likes to sing. She chose to pursue a career in childcare because she feels as though she did not have the best teachers growing up and she would like to be a supportive teacher for someone else!

  • Ke'Shauna Boone, Toddler Teacher

    Ke'Shauna Boone

    Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Ke'Shauna is from Pittsboro, NC where she lives with her two cats. One fun fact about Ms. Ke'Shauna is that she always wears mismatched socks. Ms. Ke'Shauna graduated high school and has since been working with children. She has 4 years of experience working with children. She wants to work with children because she enjoys teaching them and leading them to always do the right thing.

  • Susana Romo Lizama, Toddler Teacher

    Susana Romo Lizama

    Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Susana is from Durham, NC. Her family consists of her husband, her daughter, Alex, her son, Tadeo, and their dog, Myla. Alex is five years old and heading off to kindergarten soon, while Tadeo is only four months old! Being a mother of two and staying at home with them for five years has motivated her to pursue a career in childcare. She has her EDU 119 credential from Durham Tech. She loves to try new experiences and finds being around children to be very heartwarming. One fun thing about Ms. Susana is that she is mixed with Salvadorean and Mexican, so she loves to cook! She thinks that children are wonderful and funny, and she is looking forward to helping our Primrose Family continue to learn and grow!

  • Maya Green, Toddler Support Teacher

    Maya Green

    Toddler Support Teacher

    Ms. Maya is from Durham, NC. She has a high school diploma from Northern High School, and prior experience in childcare from babysitting. She has two sisters and two nephews. Ms. Maya loves kids and aspires to be a teacher in the school system one day.

  • Jessica Gunn, Early Preschool Teacher

    Jessica Gunn

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Jessica G is from Mebane, NC where she lives with her two dogs and one cat. In her free time, she loves spending time with her huge family outdoors while trying out new things. She loves to learn new things. Ms. Jessica has a wide range of experience with children which include camp counselor, babysitter, and childcare teacher. She has been in childcare center for 3 ½ years. She is in school currently studying to become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. Ms. Jessica loves working with children because they are our future. She loves to make a difference in their lives and help them to grow into responsible, loving, young people.

  • Kayleigh Blackburn, Early Preschool Teacher

    Kayleigh Blackburn

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Kayleigh is from Durham, NC. She was a teacher at the YMCA before coming over to our school. Kayleigh’s family consists of one sister, her mother, and father. She has two pets named Bean and Trooper. In her free time, Ms. Kayleigh likes to dance. She loves working with children and getting to know them. Children bring joy to her life and make her hard days better.

  • Sh’Quaia Jordan, Pathways Teacher

    Sh’Quaia Jordan

    Pathways Teacher

    MS. Sh'Quaia is from Warrenton, NC where she lived with her small family consisting of her mom dad brother and dog, Lucky. In her free time, Ms. Sh'Quaia likes to spend time with her family and friends, going to parks, shopping, and trying new foods. Ms. Sh'Quaia attended Wake Technical Community College where she received her associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children for 6 years. She loves working with children because they are fun and joyful. She says "Children enjoy exploring the world and I love being a part of that!"

  • Raven Rutledge, Pathways Teacher

    Raven Rutledge

    Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Raven is from Roxboro, NC where she lives with her little boy and two dogs. Ms. Raven attended Piedmont Community College where she obtained her associate's degree in Art and is currently attending NCCU where she is studying to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Raven loves going to the beach during her free time. She has worked with children doing in home care for children ages 2-5. She loves working with children because they are the future, and she wants to make a difference in their future.

  • Open Position

    EPS/Pathways Support Teacher
  • Rehab Ahmed, Preschool Teacher

    Rehab Ahmed

    Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Rehab is originally from Sudan, where she attended school and obtained her degree in sociology. She has taught both preschool aged children as well as infants. Her family consists of her husband and two sons. One fun thing about Ms. Rehab is that she enjoys music! She says that she loves to help children grow, and that is why she loves working with children.

  • Allison Tilley, Preschool Teacher

    Allison Tilley

    Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Allison is from Hillsborough, NC! She attended Orange High School and has six years of childcare experience. Her family consists of her older brother, her parents, and her grandparents, all of whom she is very close with! Her family loves to travel together! She also has two pets; a dog, named Harley and a hamster, name Skidmark. One fun thing about Ms. Allie is that she plays billiards. She loves being able to help, teach, and care for her students. She says they are all so special and a great gift!

  • Ashlee Lewter, Preschool Teacher

    Ashlee Lewter

    Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Ashlee is from Chapel Hill, NC where she currently lives with her husband and two children. Ms. Ashlee attended Wake Technical Community College where she obtained her associate's degree in Early Childhood Education. She has worked with children of all ages but mostly with Pre-K and school aged children. She really likes working with children because she enjoys experiencing new things with the children and helping them learn and grow.

  • Nicole Adler, Preschool Teacher

    Nicole Adler

    Preschool Teacher

    **Image Coming Soon**

    Ms. Nicole is originally from Chicago, but she moved to Durham when she was 10 years old. Her family consists of her two sisters, her bearded dragon, and her cat. In her free time, she loves to write and draw. She says she loves working with children because she loves to see them grow and learn how things work!

  • Litia Ross, Pre-K Teacher

    Litia Ross

    Pre-K Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Ms. Litia is originally from Worcester, Massachusetts. She has N.C. Childcare Credentials and twenty-three years of experience with all ages. Although she is an only child herself, she has three wonderful children of her own and three pets: her dog, Mr. T, and two guinea pigs, Peanut Butter and Jellybean. She thinks that being an only child has contributed to her love of children. She loves to be one of the first people to help children understand that education can be fun!

  • Natalie Muller, Pre-K Teacher

    Natalie Muller

    Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Natalie is originally from Wayne, New Jersey where she attended high school at Wayne Valley High. Her family currently resides in Lexington, SC, and is comprised of her mom, her stepdad, her adorable little sister, and her cat, Midnight. She has had a lot of experience in multiple childcare centers but has mostly worked with toddlers. She believes that all kids are awesome, and she always has an adventurous day at work when working with kids! When she’s not working, Ms. Natalie enjoys drawing.

  • Shondrea Dunn, Pre-K Teacher

    Shondrea Dunn

    Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Shondrea is from Kinston, NC. She has a wonderful family consisting of her mom, grandma, sister, and dog. Ms. Shondrea attended Winston Salem University where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Ms. Shondrea likes to online shop and go out to eat during her free time. Ms. Shondrea has worked with children for three years and loves to be a part of their growing years so that she can help impact their future.

  • Charminiqu Hackney, Pre-K Teacher

    Charminiqu Hackney

    Pre-K Teacher

    Ms. Charminiqu is from Cary, NC. She attended Alabama State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. She also graduated with a minor in Social Work. She has two brothers, one sister, and three step sisters. Ms. Charminiqu has a passion for helping children, and this has motivated her to join our team!

  • Ciara Ford, Pre-K Support Teacher

    Ciara Ford

    Pre-K Support Teacher

    Ms. Ciara is from Newbern, NC. She is currently a Junior at North Carolina Central University where she is studying Social Work. When she graduated high school, she volunteered at Excel, working with children between the ages of three and five. She was raised by her single mom, and she also has an older brother. Ms. Ciara thinks of herself as the definition of fun and says that knowing that she can help teach and that she is making an impact in a child’s life makes her feel complete.

  • Marsha Pilling, Explorer Teacher

    Marsha Pilling

    Explorer Teacher

    Ms. Marsha is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. She attended Pennsylvania State University and Arizona State University. She has worked as a behavioral therapist with children ranging from ages two through seventeen since 2007, specializing in the field of autism. She has two children of her own, her son, Jaxon, and her daughter, Magnolia. In her spare time, Ms. Marsha loves to go for a run. She says that she loves making a difference in the lives of children and families!

  • Aaliyah Ross-Cheeks, Explorer Teacher

    Aaliyah Ross-Cheeks

    Explorer Teacher

    Ms. Aaliyah is from Durham, NC. She has been working in childcare with all ages for three years, but her favorite age group is toddlers. She has two brothers and one sister as well as one dog and two guinea pigs. She loves going to the movies, and she loves watching children grow!

  • Montia Blackwell, Support Teacher/Floater

    Montia Blackwell

    Support Teacher/Floater

    Ms. Montia is from Pittsboro, NC. She attended Alamance Community College and she has more than ten years of childcare experience. She has two kids of her own, one daughter, who is four years old, and a son, who is seven years old. She loves to travel, and she says that children keep her young!

  • LaQuisha Benton, Cook

    LaQuisha Benton


    **Image Coming Soon**

    Ms. LaQuisha is from Chapel Hill, NC! She has her GED and she attended culinary school in addition to her experience as a cook and support teacher. Her family of five includes three wonderful kids: her son, who is nine years old, and two daughters, aged seven and one. Ms. LaQuisha loves all children and making new friends, which makes her a great fit for our team!

  • Katharine Holtermann, Support Teacher/Floater

    Katharine Holtermann

    Support Teacher/Floater

    Ms. Kate is originally from the state of Pennsylvania! Her childcare experience ranges from Boys and Girls clubs, summer camps, and preschools. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies, which she obtained from Cedar Crest College. Ms. Kate is a twin, and she also has a younger half-brother. Her family also includes her mom, dad, and her three dogs. Ms. Kate says that she has lots of experience with children and she really enjoys working with them! One fun thing about Ms. Kate is that she can make anything out of duct tape!

  • Erin & Rob Pennington, Franchise Owner

    Erin & Rob Pennington

    Franchise Owners

    Hello, we are Erin and Rob Pennington, the proud owners of the Primrose School of Chapel Hill East. As parents, we understand how difficult it can be to find both a safe and educational environment that would provide the exceptional level of care we expect for our most precious gifts. We are beyond excited to be a part of the Primrose family and to share this amazing school with the Chapel Hill/Durham communities.

    We first discovered Primrose, in 2014 when we were looking for a high-quality preschool for our two boys, Ethan and Brody. We fell in love with the curriculum, the focus on character development and the partnerships formed with parents. Our boys absolutely loved going to Primrose every day, playing with their classmates, making beautiful works of art, singing songs and learning new things. The entire staff at Primrose did such an exceptional job in helping our children grow, learn and strengthen their social skills. We could not have been happier with our decision to enroll them at Primrose. It wasn’t long after seeing the positive impact that Primrose had on our boys; socially, emotionally and intellectually that we decided to open our very own Primrose school.

    Prior to making the decision to become Primrose franchise owners, Rob, a Marine Corps veteran, and Erin both worked in the corporate world in a variety of Information Technology leadership and process-oriented positions. While we were living in Texas, we had always talked about our desire to move back east to North Carolina. When an opportunity to open a Primrose in Chapel Hill/Durham was presented to us we jumped at the chance and relocated to Chapel Hill, NC. We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a beautiful community.

    "Who children become is as important as what they know" is a belief that is at the core of the Primrose Balanced Learning approach, and one that we both feel very passionately about. We are proud to offer the Primrose Experience, and can’t wait to welcome you to our Primrose family. ~ The Pennington's

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