Primrose School of Cedar Park West

Parent Testimonials

  • My son currently attends Primrose School of Cedar Park West. The leadership team and teachers that are in his classroom are doing an outstanding job. I love being able to drop my child off at a school that emphasizes on developing the whole child! Thank you for all of your love and dedication to what you do. It is a blessing to see 3 year olds engaged and enthusiastic about learning. You are making a difference in Cedar Park, one child at a time and we are thankful for that!

    Amy M


  • We have been part of the Cedar Park West Primrose family for since it opened. As an educator myself, I know the importance of quality early childhood education. We have been so thankful to have the Primrose teachers and staff be a part of our children's lives. The teachers have been fantastic (we've been in every class from newborns to PPK) and I truly appreciate the leadership both on-site and the owners. There were so many parts to Primrose that we love (the ongoing communication, the field trips, the playgrounds, etc.) - but my favorite part is the thoughtfulness of the school. From homemade gifts that they would help the kids make, to the personal emails with pics of my kids sent to my work just to cheer up my day, they went above and beyond our every expectation.

    Jill S


  • After beging dissatisfied with the care my daughter was receiving at another school, I took 1 week to find a new school that could meet all of my standards. I visitied approximately 10 schools and read all the reviews, including the state of Texas' site on violations for each school. My husband and I agreed that price and location were not a factor in our decision as the quality of care was the most important item on our list. (our home is 5 miles west of the school and we work 5-10 miles east of our home) When I arrived at Primrose Cedar Park West I was greeted by Ms. Courtney and Ms. Hicks with a smile. I told them I would like to take a tour, as long as they could answer a few questions to my satisfaction. I am extremely sensitive to teacher's and support staff's happiness as I think it reflects on the care that my child receives. I asked them if they were happy and they said they were very happy and even told me how long they had been employed there. This was not a rehearsed response from either of them, their body language said it all-they were happy. After speaking with the teacher of the class my daughter would be in, taking a detailed tour, and studying the cirruculum I decided it far exceeded my expectations and surpassed all the other schools.

    Holly M


  • Our daughter started when she was just over a year old. In just seven months she's grown in leaps and bounds, largely due to the flourishing environment provided for her by the wonderful staff. It has been a wonderful experience for both our daughter and us as parents.

    Athena D


  • We have had an absolutely amazing experience with all of the support team at Primrose CPW. Everyone genuinely loves and cares for my son and family!

    Delilah A


  • We love Primrose at Cedar Park West for all of their wonderful staff! The teachers are wonderfully engaged with my daughter and have partnered so well with us in parenting. The administration is seamlessly run and always available to answer questions. I love knowing that Madison is learning something every day, that she receives healthy snacks and lunch, and lots of fun interaction with her peers.

    Layla Y