Exterior of a Primrose School of Castle Rock

Primrose School of Castle Rock

Franchise Owners

Originally from North Dakota, Linda and Shawn Batterberry moved to Colorado in 1994. Shawn, a graduate of The Ohio State University with a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, had ju...

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franchise owners

Our Staff


Shaunna Pate

Director of Operations

Jill Moorman, Assistant Director

Jill Moorman

Director of Operations

Addie Capen, Infant Nursery Supervisor

Addie Capen

Infant Nursery Supervisor

Ronda Fitzsimons

Lead Infant Teacher

Maria Madrigal

Assistant Infant Teacher

Lacie Jessee

Assistant Infant Teacher

Ranee Gregory

Lead Toddler Teacher

Tori Richey

Assistant Toddler Teacher

Sarah Wenzl

EPS B Teacher

Sierra Stookey

Assistant EPS B Teacher

Dani Farra, Preschool Pathways - Lead Teacher

Dani Farra

Lead Preschool Pathways Teacher

Micaiah Bodiford

Assistant Preschool Pathways Teacher

Stephanie Ortiz, Preschool A - Lead Teacher

Stephanie Ortiz

Lead Preschool A Teacher

Olivia Larson

Assistant Preschool A Teacher

Brittany "Bre" Curtis, Preschool B - Lead Teacher

Brittany "Bre" Curtis

Lead Preschool B Teacher

Kayla Jimerson

Assistant Preschool B Teacher

Alexiss Schultz

Assistant Preschool B Teacher

Jill Wilson-Krebs, Pre-Kindergarten A - Lead Teacher

Jill Wilson-Krebs

Lead Pre-Kindergarten A Teacher

Kenzie Borjes, Pre-Kindergarten - Lead Teacher

Kenzie Borjes

Lead Pre-Kindergarten A Teacher

Andrea Chipps, Pre-Kindergarten B - Lead Teacher

Andrea Chipps

Lead Pre-Kindergarten B Teacher

Dakota Gutch, Pre-Kindergarten Two - Assistant Teacher

Dakota Gutch

Assistant Pre-Kindergarten B Teacher

Paulina Leporowska, Kindergarten Teacher

Paulina Leporowska

Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Alexys Hicks

Support Staff

Kiara Fradin

Support Staff

Portia Prescott

Support Staff