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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Linda and Shawn Batterberry
Linda and Shawn Batterberry
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Linda and Shawn Batterberry


Mrs. Linda and Dr. Shawn Batterberry have been the proud owners of Primrose School of Lone Tree for 20 years, opening their doors on April 3rd, 2000. They have had the honor of educating 1000s of children throughout the years. They have taken this responsibility very seriously and thank all of their families for entrusting them with their most prized possession.

They opened their second school, Primrose School of Castle Rock on July 27th, 2007.

Linda and Shawn are Primrose Franchising Company Presidential Award winners, an award given to a select few franchisees for excellence in the care and education provided to their students.

Both are originally from North Dakota. Linda grew up in a rural farming community near the Canadian border. She attended Bismarck Junior College where she met Shawn; they have been married for 37 years. Linda went to work for a local family owned meat processing company as an accounts manager after graduating from college.

Shawn grew up in a family of educators, and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Moorhead State University and became a social studies teacher. He continued his education journey and earned two Master's Degrees. He completed his PhD in Educational Policy and Leadership studies from The Ohio State University in 1997.

Shawn accepted the pricipalship position at South High School, one of 10 inner Denver high schools. They moved their family to Denver and he served as principal for 8 years. Shawn was named 2001 Colorado Principal of the Year, which was the first Principal of the Year award Denver Public Schools had ever received.

The Batterberrys have three grown children, who all attended Primrose when they were toddlers, pre-kindergarteners and for before and after school care.

Linda and Shawn chose to open both of their Primrose Schools because quality educational child care was so hard to find.

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