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  • Jacqueline Mims, School Excellence Counselor

    Jacqueline Mims

    School Excellence Counselor

    Hello, my name is Jacqueline Mims. I am the School Excellence Counselor for Primrose School of Carol Stream. I am a veteran of the Early Childhood industry, with over 32 years of experience,both teaching and directing. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Grambling State University in Louisiana.I have an Illinois Type 3 Teaching Certificate, and Illinois Director Credential 1 and 2, and an Early Childhood Education Preschool Credential Level 5. My husband and I have lived in Hanover Park for the past 35 years. We have one son, a daughter-in-law and one amazing grandson.

    Working with children is my passion. Assisting children to find their path in education gives me pride and a deep sense of satisfaction. Being a part of their lifelong educational discovery warms my heart. I always strive to put the students first to ensure we all succeed. My goal is for children to see that they are an important part the world and its growth. As I get to know the children, I also strive to make the parents a large part of their child’s growth,challenges and success.

    I am excited to be a part of the Primrose School of Carol Stream Leadership Team. I am confident that the team will be a positive addition to Carol Stream and the surrounding communities. I know that children are the future and we must inspire them to do their very best. I am confident that with education and preparation, our children will become bold, confident and successful adults. I believe that the partnership with Primrose School of Carol Stream holds great expectation. Our children will never stop dreaming, stop believing or stop succeeding.

  • Robin Johnson, Director of Admissions

    Robin Johnson

    Director of Admissions

    My name is Robin Johnson. (also known as Ya-Ya to my favorite person on the planet)

    Born and raised in Nebraska, I changed my childhood allegiance from being a Cornhusker to the Kansas State Wildcats soon after being married to Kevin, the funniest man I know – it’s been a great 37 years so far!! We have two adult children: Kyler lives in Oklahoma and is getting married in the fall of 2022, and daughter Abby is the one that brought us to Illinois – when she and her husband Saul adopted our one and only grandbaby – Sydney.  (Ya-Ya was not missing out by living in Arkansas!) Our three rescue dogs: Martha, Ethel, and Dwight complete my tribe.

    Given that we love snow – it’s been an easy transition to the Chicagoland area! 

    After taking numerous college classes on early childhood education and working at Head Start as a Family Engagement Specialist, I became the Co-Director of an ECE Center in Kansas. I took a failing center from 32 children and greatly in debt, to the premiere Center in the area with 160 students, cutting operating costs by over 20%, creating a formal Preschool, and an award-winning afterschool program for school age children! This was one of the highlights of my entire career. 

    We relocated to Oklahoma where my husband and I (after extensive training) became live-in House Parents at a Christian Children Home – where we lived full time with 10 challenged children at a time, acting as the primary agent of change in their life assisting with schooling, counseling, Equine Assisted Therapy and family reunification processes. Another highlight of my career, being a difference maker for over 35 youth while serving for five years in that ministry.

    When introduced by a business associate of mine to Primrose owners, Vishal and Vibhuti Vaghani, one thing was immediately clear to me – there is a palpable passion in their soul for everything they do. I knew instantly that I wanted to be a part of any team they were on.  When they spoke of Primrose and their desire to make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible, I joined their team in my heart before they even hired me!  I am thrilled to be bringing a passion for bettering the young child, an enthusiastic love of all people equally, and my past education and servant leadership skills to the team.

    I am thrilled to be on Team Primrose! 

    Remember, if you can only be one thing - Be Kind.

  • Delissa Carter, Education Coach

    Delissa Carter

    Education Coach

    Hello, my name is Delissa Carter and I have been teaching for three years now. I’ve worked with students of varies ages from infants to Pre-Kindergarten. I’m currently enrolled at the College of DuPage pursuing my degree in Elementary Education with Special Education. I enjoy spending time with my family by watching movies and going out to eat. I also enjoy baking cakes and cooking. I’m a new mom and my son is enrolled at Primrose in the Infant classroom. I realized working with children is my passion and it makes every day not feel like work. I enjoy coming to teach, engage and communicate with the students. As the new Education Coach, I get to do the same thing but with adults. I assist them with making sure their classrooms are running more efficiently and making sure we are doing what is best for each student. Working with all the students and teacher feels amazing and it’s so nice how welcoming they have been. I am so excited about being the education coach because now I get to engage and interact with all the staff and students in the building.

  • Stephanie Delatorre, Office Coordinator

    Stephanie Delatorre

    Office Coordinator

    That lovely face you see every morning at the front desk is me, Stephanie! I’m from a lovely town of West Chicago. What I enjoy about this job is that every morning I get to hear all the funniest things kids say. I like the outdoors and watching movies. I’m obsessed with collecting pins. I’m a huge fan of Marvel and everything Disney. I don’t have any kids unless you count my cat, which then I’m a mother of one. I never expected to work at a School. Being here makes me so incredibly happy. I love connecting with children, makes all the hard work, worth it!

  • Brisa Rubio, Nutrition Specialist

    Brisa Rubio

    Nutrition Specialist

    Hi! I'm Brisa Rubio! I am from a small town called West Chicago. I have lived there for about 7 years and graduated from West Chicago community high school in 2017. I consider myself to be quiet, patient, but determined to always learn. I like to listen to others and help out as much as I can; just like our friends Libby, and Katie. I also enjoy going out with friends for an iced coffee or ice cream. In my free time I watch movies like Mulan or The Proposal. I could even read a book. When I was younger, I would read Among the Hidden or Running out of Time by Margaret Peterson, or Junie B Jonesby Barbara Parks. Being able to spend time with my family and ordering chinese food would be a perfect weekend for me.

    I started managing a store at a young age. It's been an amazing journey. I have learned so much from my coworkers and supervisors, who gave me the knowledge and advice to keep moving forward. Being able to have the opportunity to work at Primrose brought me so much joy. I will be a Nutrition Assistant, making healthy choices, embracing the importance of healthy eating and food safety. I’m looking forward to starting the school year at Primrose School, learning alongside everyone, and making new friendships.

  • Vibhuti Vaghani, Franchise Owner

    Vibhuti Vaghani

    Franchise Owner

    I am Vibhuti Vaghani, the proud owner of Primrose School of Carol Stream. My husband, Vishal, and I are blessed with two boys. As a parent, I value early childhood education because I was taught that education is the foundation of life when growing up. Education shapes who we are and what we aspire to be. When we were looking for schools for our oldest son, there weren’t any schools that wowed us. Due to very limited options in our neighborhood, we enrolled our children at a nearby school. My oldest son started reading at age four, which was incredible to see as a parent! My youngest son was using sign language to communicate with us. Once I saw the difference it made in their lives, I was convinced that early childhood education plays a key role in the first five years of a child’s life. I knew that I wanted to do something that was more meaningful, to wake up each day with a purpose and to make a difference in our community. Early Childhood Education easily became the path that I wanted to pursue. I looked at all the childcare centers that were franchises and found my calling with Primrose. Primrose took early childhood education to another level. Their focus was on a “whole child”. A child that would learn how to be kind, compassionate and confident. A child that would be nurtured to develop socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively. Primrose calls this Balanced Learning®. The Balanced Learning® Approach is exclusive to Primrose. It is a research-based blend of teacher guided and child-initiated activities with an emphasis on character development. “Who children become is as important as what they know” is at the core of the Balanced Learning. Thus began my journey into bringing exceptional childcare into my community.

    Primrose CEO Jo Kirchner is a huge inspiration to me because she started out with four Primrose Schools in Atlanta to over 375 Schools in the United States. Her mission to bring quality education and care to every child in America motivated me to open my own Primrose School and to deliver the best and most trusted early education and care for the children and families in my community.

    We are Dunkin Franchisees and together we have successfully operated our business for ten years. We built our first ground up Dunkin in Carol Stream and the love we received from this community was beyond our imagination. This is why building our first school in Carol Stream was extremely important to us. Giving back to this community and building relationships has been a priority for us and will always be.

    I am thrilled to bring The Primrose Experience to the community of Carol Stream. Our goal is to provide the right foundation and spark light bulb moments so children can grow their active minds, healthy bodies and happy hearts while providing peace of mind for our parents. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

    We are excited to welcome you to the Primrose Family.

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