Primrose School of Carmel

Our Staff

  • Megan Porten, Director

    Megan Porten


    Hi there! My name is Megan Porten. I grew up in Avon, Indiana and attended Indiana University Bloomington, studying accounting and finance.

    However, my journey took an exciting turn when I made the decision to switch careers and accept a preschool teacher position here at the Primrose School of Carmel. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for education. While working with the children was certainly fulfilling, what really captured my heart was collaborating with families and fellow educators to create a nurturing learning environment for every child.

    As the Assistant Director of Education, I had the privilege of collaborating with our wonderful teachers to create engaging and inspiring classrooms that fostered a love of learning in our students. It has been incredibly fulfilling to see our efforts translate into the success of our young learners.

    I'm now pursuing a degree in Elementary Education with a focus on curriculum development to deepen my knowledge and skills in the field. I firmly believe that every child deserves a quality education that enables them to reach their full potential, and I'm dedicated to making that a reality.

  • Amy Gatewood, Assistant Director

    Amy Gatewood

    Assistant Director

    Hi! My name is Amy Gatewood. I have a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education Social Studies with a minor in History. I have worked in Early Childhood education for 13 years. My hobbies include hiking with my husband and our three dogs, kayaking, and nature photography. I love working with children and having a positive impact on those around me. I am overly excited to be a part of the Primrose family!

  • Ms. Cramer, Office Assistant / Infant Teacher

    Ms. Cramer

    Office Assistant / Infant Teacher

    I’m Mrs. Cramer. I am originally from Toledo, Ohio. I married my high school sweetheart Lee, and together we have four children and three granddaughters and one grandson. I began working in a Child Development Center in 1998. I have my CDA in infant through 3 year olds. I have spent 3 years working with 1-2 year olds and the rest with infants.

  • Ms. Ravelo, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Ravelo

    Infant Teacher

    Hi, my name is Yeny Ravelo and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself! I was born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to Indiana 5 years ago. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have 2 beautiful children, Rylan and Rebecca. We love to spend time as a family outdoors; we love enjoying the day at the park or the beach!


  • Ms. Luper, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Luper

    Infant Teacher

    Hi, my name is Haylee, and I am so excited to tell you a bit about myself. I live in the small town in which I grew up; meaning I am still close to my friends from school. I am passionate about working with all children but especially love taking care of infants. On the weekends I love to spend time with friends, family, and my dog.


  • Ms. Dillon, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Dillon

    Infant Teacher

    Hello, my name is Mary Dillon. I am excited to tell you about myself! I have three grown daughters, and love spending time with my children and grandchildren. My previous experience includes both childcare and veterinary medicine. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms. Hanna, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Hanna

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Remonda Bolos, I am from Egypt. I was a teacher there for 16 years for Kindergarten and all primary stages. I then became a supervisor in the stages from first grade to fifth grade. I graduated from the faculty of the Art English department in 1996 and received a diploma in Translation in 1997. In 1998 I got my Pre-Masters in Drama. I have also published a book called "Easy to learn", this book helps kids in Kindergarten to be ready to go to primary stage school easily. I have been married for 19 years and I have 3 kids Shady, Youssef and Chantal.

  • Ms. Bouaziz, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Bouaziz

    Infant Teacher

    Hi, I’m a mother of two beautiful boys. A teenager and a preschooler that is attending Primrose and loving it! I am originally from Algeria, North Africa and lived in CA for 17 years. We have recently relocated to Carmel, IN. I like hiking and cooking; yet I love taking care of little ones as I watch the world through their eyes.


  • Ms. Eman, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Eman

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is Eman Abdelmalek. I am excited to tell you about myself! I'm married and I have three kids. I have enjoyed working with children as a babysitter for many years. I have been a part of the Primrose family for a little over a year. I can't wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms. Essa, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Essa

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is Heba Essa.  I am from Egypt.  I am excited to tell you a little about myself!  I’m married and have two children.  I have enjoyed working with children as a teacher for many years in Egypt. I look forward to learning more about your family.

  • Ms. Scruby, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Scruby

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi I’m Leanna Scruby and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a passion for working with children and have been doing so for over 10 years. I’m from Carmel and currently live here with my family. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and am looking forward to meeting you and your family this school year.

  • Ms. LaTulip, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. LaTulip

    Toddler Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Hi, my name is Samantha LaTulip. I have seven siblings, and I am the oldest! I took four years of Japanese in school, and went to college for Psychology. I have four cats and one dog. I love watching Star Wars and playing Animal Crossing! I can’t wait to get to know you and your family.


  • Ms. Chowning, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Chowning

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hi, I’m Savannah Chowning, and I am excited to tell you a little bit about myself. My love for caring of children started when my little sister was born, and I was able to help my mom. I then started serving at my local church watching the babies during services. I hope to one day get my teaching license to become an elementary school teacher.

  • Ms. Salazar, Early Preschool  Teacher

    Ms. Salazar

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello! My name is Alicia Salazar. I grew up in Manila, Philippines and while there I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. I’ve been married to my best friend and we have 3 beautiful children, two daughters and one son. I have been blessed as a grandmother with 8 wonderful grandchildren. I truly LOVE spending time with them! I really love working and being with kids!

  • Ms. D, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. D

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello! I hold a degree in Business and have a passion for working with children. I am actively involved in my church and have a heart for music. In my spare time I enjoy going to the movies and also love teaching piano. I am very excited to get to know your children and watch them grow!

  • Ms. Bai, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Bai

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hi, my name is Siting Bai and prefer you call me Ms. Bai.  I have three children.  I have been working in childcare for over a year.  I really like to spend time with kids. In my free time I love to grow flowers and vegetables.

  • Ms. Phelobes, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Phelobes

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hello! My name is Nora and I’m so glad to tell you a little about myself.  I recently moved from New Jersey to Carmel.  I worked at New Dreams Daycare for 6 years as well as a substitute teacher for 4 years.  I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History while living in Egypt as well as a CDA once arriving to the United States.  I am currently working towards an early childhood/ elementary education degree.  I love to work with kids helping them to learn and grow. I am so thankful for the opportunity to work here at Primrose.

  • Ms. Ezac, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Ezac

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    I'm Sarah. I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I like to learn new things to improve myself everyday. I am currently studying to become a dental hygentist. While I have a passion for children and I am happy to be a part of this Primrose family.

  • Ms. Walters, Preschool Pathways/Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Walters

    Preschool Pathways/Instructional Assistant

    Hi, my name is Sydney Walters and I would like to tell you a bit about myself. I grew up in Carmel and have been involved with working with children for years. I’ve led Vacation Bible School at my church for over eight years. I am finishing up my degree in Early Childhood Special Education at Ball State University. I love animals, creative arts, and science! I am so excited to get to know you and your family!

  • Ms. Tuzzio, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Tuzzio

    Preschool Teacher

    I have been working in the childcare field for over 10 years.  I am very passionate about helping young children learn and grow.  

  • Ms. Rama, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Rama

    Preschool Teacher

    Bio Coming Soon...

  • Ms. Stephanoff, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Stephanoff

    Preschool Teacher

    Hi, I’m Ms. Stephanoff and I’m so excited to take on this new adventure as a member of the Primrose team! I am the oldest of three sisters and love reading, gardening, and spending time with my family. I am so excited to be teaching your children!


  • Ms. Fuller, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Fuller

    Preschool Teacher

    Bio Coming Soon...

  • Ms. Ibrahim, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Ibrahim

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello! My name is Nermeen Ibrahim. We live in Westfield, with my husband, two daughters and son. I am originally from Egypt. I finished my Bachelor's Degree in geography and I have my certificate from New Jersey City University in Geography Information System. I have also worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher for six years.

  • Ms. Abrahim, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Abrahim

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is Nesmaa and I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Egypt with my family; I have one brother and two sisters. I studied Faculty of Commerce and worked as a teacher for two years.


  • Ms. Sharma, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Sharma

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hi! My name is Pallvi Sharma.  I am originally from India and currently living in Carmel.  I just love being around kids and enjoy their smiles.  I am the kind of person who is passionate for what I do.  I am hoping to deliver my best to the children.

  • Ms. Rhodes, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Rhodes

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is Janaee' Rhodes! I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a local poet here in Indianapolis and have a passion poetry. I love working with children and always have. Seeing the joy and happiness they have lightens my life. I have worked in childcare for two years and have loved every minute of it.

  • Ms. Awasthi, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Awasthi

    Instructional Assistant

    My name is Seema Awasthi.  I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I love teaching children math and science.  I have a passion for teaching.   I try to approach each child’s learning based on their individual goals to reach the best possible outcome for every child.

  • Ms. Hines, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Hines

    Instructional Assistant

    I'm Peggy Hines. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    My hometown is Terre Haute. I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington campus with a Bachlor of Fine Arts degree and from the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a Master of Fine Arts degree. I have worked with children as a substitute teacher and classroom volunteer. I have served as a director of a mentoring program for at-risk children in Vigo County. I am married, and have one son that I dearly love!

    I can't wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms. Perry, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Perry

    Instructional Assistant

    Hi, my name is Lilly Perry.  I love working with kids and I’m a huge animal lover.  I have a pet kitten at home.

    I graduated from Bishop Chatard High School.  I love everything Disney and I am always happy to talk about it with the children.  I look forward to getting to know you and your family.

  • Ms. Samatar, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Samatar

    Instructional Assistant

    I'm orginally from Somalia and was born in Kuwait. I speak three different languages and I love traveling to new places. It is a joy to teach your children and I am eager to personally meet everyone.

  • Nicole and Israel Alvarado, Franchise Owner

    Nicole and Israel Alvarado

    Franchise Owners

    Hi! My name is Nicole Alvarado, and my husband Israel and I are the proud owners of the Primrose School of Carmel!

    I have a bachelor’s degree in children’s studies with a minor in sociology. Israel is an electrical engineer and has been connected to the Primrose community. We have four amazing children Blake, Kiersten, Nolan and Ryder, who have been nurtured and educated through the Primrose experience.

    I have worked with children as a teacher, an administrator and a mother. Our journey with Primrose began when I helped open the Primrose School at Gray Eagle in Fishers as a toddler teacher, later advancing to an administrative role. I furthered my Primrose path by helping open the Primrose School of Carmel in 2010 as its director. Our continuous love for Primrose has grown and it’s why we are excited to have our very own school.

    My passion for education has been my motivation to find a job that is not only an enjoyable working environment but also a true home for my own children. As a parent, your children come first and finding a place that feels like an extended home and has a foundation for early education is so particularly important.

    The Primrose approach to learning drives my dedication to providing a positive learning environment for the schools’ children and teachers and I cherish the special moments I get to spend with children and their families. I have found that my personality and leadership has brought the best out of the school’s staff and helped strengthen families’ commitment to the Primrose experience.

    Who children become is as important as what they know is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning® approach. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

    We are excited to meet you and your family!

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