Primrose School of Carmel

Our Staff

  • Nicole Alvarado, Director

    Nicole Alvarado


    Hi! My name is Nicole Alvarado. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Children's Studies with a minor in Sociology. I have worked with children as a teacher, an administrator and a mother. I helped open the Primrose School at Gray Eagle in Fishers and am happy to now be at the Primrose School of Carmel. I am married and have four children all of whom have been in the Primrose program.

    I am committed to providing a positive learning environment for children and teachers and cherish the special moments I spend with children and their families. I love coming to work every day and I am dedicated to providing your children with the same warm, fun and educational experiences that my own children have enjoyed at Primrose. I invite you to come in and see why I am so passionate about our school!

  • Megan Porten, Education Coach

    Megan Porten

    Education Coach

    I’m Megan Porten and I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Avon, IN with one younger brother. I went to IU Bloomington, where I discovered my love for hiking in Southern Indiana. I love working with children and I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family.

  • Ms. Cramer, Office Assistant

    Ms. Cramer

    Office Assistant

    I’m Mrs. Cramer. I am originally from Toledo, Ohio. I married my high school sweetheart Lee, and together we have four children and two granddaughters. I began working in a Child Development Center in 1998. I have my CDA in infant through 3 year olds. I have spent 3 years working with 1-2 year olds and the rest with infants.

  • Ms. Ravelo, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Ravelo

    Infant Teacher

    Hi, my name is Yeny Ravelo and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself! I was born and raised in Venezuela, but moved to Indiana 5 years ago. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have 2 beautiful children, Rylan and Rebecca. We love to spend time as a family outdoors; we love enjoying the day at the park or the beach!

  • Ms. Williams, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Williams

    Infant Teacher

    Bio Coming Soon...

  • Ms. Dillon, Infant Teacher / Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Dillon

    Infant Teacher / Instructional Assistant

    Hello, my name is Mary Dillon. I am excited to tell you about myself! I have three grown daughters, and love spending time with my children and grandchildren. My previous experience includes both childcare and veterinary medicine. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms. Bolos, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Bolos

    Infant Teacher

    My name is Remonda Bolos, I am from Egypt. I was a teacher there for 16 years for Kindergarten and all primary stages. I then became a supervisor in the stages from first grade to fifth grade. I graduated from the faculty of the Art English department in 1996 and received a diploma in Translation in 1997. In 1998 I got my Pre-Masters in Drama. I have also published a book called "Easy to learn", this book helps kids in Kindergarten to be ready to go to primary stage school easily. I have been married for 19 years and I have 3 kids Shady, Youssef and Chantal.

  • Ms. Bouaziz, Infant Teacher

    Ms. Bouaziz

    Infant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye

    Hi, I’m a mother of two beautiful boys. A teenager and a preschooler that is attending Primrose and loving it! I am originally from Algeria, North Africa and lived in CA for 17 years. We have recently relocated to Carmel, IN. I like hiking and cooking; yet I love taking care of little ones as I watch the world through their eyes.

  • Ms. Sutton, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Sutton

    Young Toddler Teacher

    I’m Sierra Sutton. I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I graduated from Carmel High School and will be a graduate from the University of Southern Indiana. I have a puppy named Luke. He is a Poodle mixed with Beagle. I have seven younger siblings, so taking care of children comes second nature to me. I can’t wait to watch my students grow and to build relationships with them!

  • Ms. Chowning, Young Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Chowning

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hi, I’m Savannah Chowning, and I am excited to tell you a little bit about myself. My love for caring of children started when my little sister was born, and I was able to help my mom. I then started serving at my local church watching the babies during services. I hope to one day get my teaching license to become an elementary school teacher.

  • Ms. Scruby, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. Scruby

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi I’m Leanna Scruby and I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. I have a passion for working with children and have been doing so for over 10 years. I’m from Carmel and currently live here with my family. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family and am looking forward to meeting you and your family this school year.

  • Ms. LaTulip, Toddler Teacher

    Ms. LaTulip

    Toddler Teacher

    Hi, my name is Samantha LaTulip. I have seven siblings, and I am the oldest! I took four years of Japanese in school, and went to college for Psychology. I have four cats and one dog. I love watching Star Wars and playing Animal Crossing! I can’t wait to get to know you and your family.

  • Ms. Stephanoff, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Stephanoff

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hi, I’m Ms. Stephanoff and I’m so excited to take on this new adventure as a member of the Primrose team! I am the oldest of three sisters and love reading, gardening, and spending time with my family. I am so excited to be teaching your children!

  • Ms. Salazar, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Salazar

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello! My name is Alicia Salazar. I grew up in Manila, Philippines and while there I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce. I’ve been married to my best friend and we have 3 beautiful children, two daughters and one son. I have been blessed as a grandmother with 8 wonderful grandchildren. I truly LOVE spending time with them! I really love working and being with kids!

  • Ms. Brown, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Brown

    Early Preschool Teacher

    My name is Leah Brown. I have eight siblings, and I am number four! I’ve always known I wanted to become a teacher because I took care of my siblings growing up. When any new children joined my church, I was always the first to volunteer to help care for them! I love to see the world from a child’s point of view. I can’t wait to get to know you and your family!

  • Ms. D, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. D

    Early Preschool Teacher

    Hello! I hold a degree in Business and have a passion for working with children. I am actively involved in my church and have a heart for music. In my spare time I enjoy going to the movies and also love teaching piano. I am very excited to get to know your children and watch them grow!

  • Ms. Obaid, Early Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Obaid

    Early Preschool Teacher

    My name is Estabraq Obaid, and I would like to tell you a little about myself! I am mother to my 15-month-old daughter. I previously taught at the University of Baghdad in Iraq. My degree is a PhD in Arabic Language and Culture. My background also includes organizing to help women and children in Iraq feel self-confident and safe.I can’t wait to get to know more about you!

  • Ms. Samatar, Early Preschool Teacher / Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Samatar

    Early Preschool Teacher / Instructional Assistant

    I'm orginally from Somalia and was born in Kuwait. I speak three different languages and I love traveling to new places. It is a joy to teach your children and I am eager to personally meet everyone.

  • Ms. Moustafa, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Moustafa

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hi! My name is Nermine Moustafa. I am from Egypt and my hometown is Alexandria. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Alexandria University. I have studied the French language since kindergarten. A few of my other skilled areas are medical interpreting and francais scientifique. I love coloring with the kids and my goal is to create a positive environment for their educational needs.

  • Ms. Singh, Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Ms. Singh

    Preschool Pathways Teacher

    Hi! My name is Smita Singh. I am originally from India and currently live in Carmel. I just love being around kids and enjoy their smiles. This position as a teacher is so extremely rewarding. As you will find I am kind an individual who is an open book. I cannot wait to get to know you and your family!

  • Ms. Duvall, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Duvall

    Preschool Teacher

    Hi, I’m Hannah Duvall! I’ve worked in childcare officially for two years, but I’ve been babysitting for much longer. Outside of childcare, I enjoy playing rugby, painting, and spending time with friends and family! I love what I do, and I am grateful for the chance to help children grown and be a part of their lives!

  • Ms. Wertz, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Wertz

    Preschool Teacher

    Hi, my name is Alexandra Wertz. I am an only child but have always wanted a little sister. That is what has interested me in childcare. I have over five hundred hours of volunteer hours under my belt and have always loved caring for others. I love painting and drawing so I look forward to art time as it is always fun for me! I look forward to getting to know you and your child!

  • Ms. Maawad, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Maawad

    Preschool Teacher

    I have always had a heart for teaching, even at a young age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I am from Egypt and have two beautiful children that I love to cook for.

    Family is the most important thing to me, and I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms. Abrahim, Preschool Teacher

    Ms. Abrahim

    Preschool Teacher

    Hello, my name is Nesmaa and I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Egypt with my family; I have one brother and two sisters. I studied Faculty of Commerce and worked as a teacher for two years.

  • Ms. Ibrahim, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Ibrahim

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello! My name is Nermeen Ibrahim. I just moved to Indiana with my husband and my two young daughters. I am originally from Egypt. I finished my Bachelor's Degree in geography and I have my certificate from New Jersey City University in Geography Information System. I have also worked as a pre-kindergarten teacher for six years.

  • Ms. Rhodes, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Rhodes

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is Janaee' Rhodes! I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. I’m a local poet here in Indianapolis and have a passion poetry. I love working with children and always have. Seeing the joy and happiness they have lightens my life. I have worked in childcare for two years and have loved every minute of it.

  • Ms. Marsh

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    I’m Ms. Marsh. I grew up in Indianapolis and went to a local high school. I attended Marian University on the west side of Indy. I like to watch crime shows, ready mystery novels, and hang out with my friends on the weekends. I have been in education for a little over 3 years. I am extremely excited to be provided the opportunity to not only teach your children but learn from them too!

  • Ms. Ezac, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Ms. Ezac

    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    I'm Sarah. I wanted to tell you a little about myself. I like to learn new things to improve myself everyday. I am currently studying to become a dental hygentist. While I have a passion for children and I am happy to be a part of this Primrose family.

  • Ms. Hines, Instructional Assistant

    Ms. Hines

    Instructional Assistant

    I'm Peggy Hines. I wanted to tell you a little about myself.

    My hometown is Terre Haute. I graduated from Indiana University, Bloomington campus with a Bachlor of Fine Arts degree and from the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a Master of Fine Arts degree. I have worked with children as a substitute teacher and classroom volunteer. I have served as a director of a mentoring program for at-risk children in Vigo County. I am married, and have one son that I dearly love!

    I can't wait to learn more about you and your family!

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