Primrose School of Buford

Franchise Owners

The Primrose School of Buford is independently owned and operated by Jenifer and John McKnight. They have been the proud owners of this school for 17 years. Jenifer and John were a Primrose family ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mrs. Amanda Holcomb

Area Director

Mrs. Jennifer Horist

Curriculum Director

Mrs. Cheryl Galavitz

Assistant Director

Mrs. Tessa Hoffmann

Closing Manager

Ms. Chelsea Hollis

Infant Lead Teacher

Mrs. Rhiannon Joyner-Smith

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Crystal Fuller

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Jasmine Delgado

Young Toddler Lead Teacher

Mrs. Chris Davis

Young Toddler Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Heather Couch

Early Preschool Lead Teacher

Ms. Kelly Sewell

Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Vanessa Arroyo

Early Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Ms. Kasi Krause

Preschool I Lead Teacher

Ms. Kayla Curtin

Preschool I Assistant Teacher

Ms. Anja Davidovic

Preschool II Lead Teacher

Mrs. Cindy Wertz

Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Ms. Racquel St. Louis

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Ms. Stephanie Miranda

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Ms. Denna Warrayat

Pre-Kindergarten Closing Teacher

Ms. Renea Hill

Explorers Club Lead Teacher

Mrs. June Schweitzer

Assistant Teacher