Primrose School of Buford

Our Staff

  • Jennifer Horist, Director

    Jennifer Horist


    Mrs. Jennifer Horist is the Director of the Primrose School of Buford. She has been the school's director for 25 years! Jennifer has a background in early childhood development, with a degree from Michigan State University. A mother of two, Jennifer not only takes care of our students as a director, but also as a mother. There is not a parent or child who doesn't feel welcomed by her smiling face each and every day! We are very fortunate to have her at the Primrose School of Buford.

  • Kim Reed, Operations Director

    Kim Reed

    Operations Director
  • Madeline Coleman, Curriculum Coach

    Madeline Coleman

    Curriculum Coach
  • Tiana Delorden, Administrative Assistant

    Tiana Delorden

    Administrative Assistant
  • Kayla Romero, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Kayla Romero

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Ying Lee, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Ying Lee

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Madison Labishak, Infant Assistant Teacher

    Madison Labishak

    Infant Assistant Teacher
  • Jen'Angel Alveranga, Toddler Assistant Teacher

    Jen'Angel Alveranga

    Toddler Assistant Teacher
  • Kayla Carryl, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Kayla Carryl

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Olivia Banks, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Olivia Banks

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Carla Sierra, Early Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Carla Sierra

    Early Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Shatara Osborne, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Shatara Osborne

    Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Riley Holcombe, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Riley Holcombe

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Karla Lopez, Preschool Lead Teacher

    Karla Lopez

    Preschool Lead Teacher
  • Kristy Rae, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Kristy Rae

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Anissa Ottley, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Anissa Ottley

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Cindy Wertz, Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Cindy Wertz

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
  • Justin Battle, Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Justin Battle

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Kendall Gross, Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

    Kendall Gross

    Private Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher
  • Gracia Ngwangu, Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

    Gracia Ngwangu

    Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
  • Olivia Herrington, Explorers Club Lead Teacher

    Olivia Herrington

    Explorers Club Lead Teacher
  • Hannah Cade, Support Teacher

    Hannah Cade

    Support Teacher
  • Heather & Thomas Choi, Franchise Owner

    Heather & Thomas Choi

    Franchise Owners

    Welcome to Primrose Schools! 

    We are Heather and Thomas Choi, the proud owners of Primrose School of Buford and Primrose School of Gainesville. 

    When we decided to go into business together, we wanted to ensure that whatever service we offered would serve a greater purpose and make an impact in the community.  Our exploration led us down the path of early childhood education, where we ultimately discovered Primrose. We were inspired by our experiences raising our children and the challenges we faced in finding quality early education and care.  We knew the immense sense of pride and fulfillment we would have in providing to others the nurturing, caring environment we wished our children were able to enjoy in their early years.   

    Prior to becoming Primrose franchise owners, Heather built a successful business dedicated to helping clients design, renovate and beautify their homes. She also had a career in early childhood education teaching elementary school students and supporting a special needs classroom. Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from Cal State Long Beach. Thomas has a corporate background in advertising and media working on leading global and national brands. He led teams in developing business and brand growth strategies. A proud Longhorn, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Texas.   

    We have three wonderful children, Madeleine, Andrew and Dylan. Maddie is a graduate from University of Georgia thriving in her career in corporate investments. Andrew is proudly serving our country in the United States Air Force, aspiring to be a pilot. Dylan, our youngest, is a skilled lacrosse player eagerly anticipating high school. 

    In meeting with the Primrose leadership team and getting to know the brand's values and mission, we were drawn to not only the rich curriculum and approach to early education but also the emphasis on character development.  “Who children become is as important as what they know” is a belief that is at the core of the Primrose Balanced Learning® approach, and one that we both feel very passionately about. 

    We are proud to offer the Primrose experience, and very excited to welcome you to our Primrose family!   

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