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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

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Find out how our time-tested Balanced Learning approach makes the difference.

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Latest News

  • Seasonal Post

    Recycle paper towel rolls into festive hanging bat decorations with a few easy craft supplies.

  • Snacktivity Video: Date "Caramel" Apples

    By using dates instead of caramel, these healthy, 3-ingredient candy apples are a great source of potassium.

  • Prep Step #3: Pack a Disaster Supplies Kit

    Regardless of the type of disaster or emergency, there are essential items and supplies that your family will need to have easy access to. Learn more about creating an emergency supplies kit.

  • Science Fun Video: Bubbling Potion

    Make this oozing, bubbling potion with your child and watch them discover the joy of science!

  • Mon oct 31

    Parade of Costumes / Trunk-or-Treat

    Our Parade of Costumes / Trunk-or-Treat will begin at 10:30 AM! See you there in your best costume!

  • Prep Step #2: Create a Family Emergency Plan

    Preparation is key when it comes to navigating emergencies – it’s important that each family member knows exactly what to do if a scary situation occurs. Use this "Spot the Difference" activity to begin the discussion with your child.

  • Character Development: Cooperation

    "Nice teamwork! Primrose Friends Percy and Peanut show cooperation by sharing toys and building a castle together."

  • Sign Language: Don't Touch

    "Watch for this important sign as students learn how to communicate about safety."

  • Prep Step #1: Know Your Emergency Contacts

    Learn how an ICE card Teach your child the importance of having an ICE card (In Case of Emergency) with this fun activity.

  • Mucho Mundo: Rain

    Autumn has arrived! Primrose students are learning how to describe the weather with Spanish words like “rain.”

  • Curriculum Post #1: DIY Cats

    "Our crafty kitties are making these paper plate cats to purrfect their fine motor skills."

  • Simple Steps to Teach Your Preschooler Safety Skills

    ​Safety is a top priority at Primrose. Helping young children understand emergencies and how to be prepared for them is extremely important. That’s why we’ve teamed up with national partner Save the Children®, the national leader in child-focused emergency preparedness and response, again this year to promote its Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative.

  • Anchor Blog Post: Emergency Preparedness

    Does your child know what to do in case of emergency? Educational expert Dr. Gloria Julius shares tips to help prepare your family.

  • September 30: National Preparedness Day

    Take action and #GetReadyGetSafe for National Preparedness Day. Follow the Primrose Friends and complete all of the week’s activities with resources from @Save The Children:

  • Why Balanced Learning® Works

    It's a fact: children learn better when they are engaged. That's why purposeful play and nurturing guidance from teachers are key components of Balanced Learning. See how this time-tested approach with a strong emphasis on life skills and character development can help your child develop and excel.

  • September 29: Step 3 Gather Disaster Supplies

    Use this matching game to #GetReadyGetSafe and help your child identify supplies in an emergency go-kit. Print it here and make your own go-kit with the @Save The Children emergency supplies checklist:

  • September 28: Step 2 Home Emergency Plan

    Can your child spot the differences between a home with safety equipment and one without? Print the activity here along with an emergency checklist from @Save The Children: [LINK to blog post with spot the differences game] #GetReadyGetSafe

  • September 27: Step 1 ICE CARDS

    Print this maze to teach your child the importance of having an ICE card (In Case of Emergency). Fill yours out to #GetReadyGetSafe: [LINK to blog post with printable maze game]

  • September 26: Prep Step Introduction

    Step to it and join along! For the next week, we’re teaming up with @Save The Children to make emergency preparedness fun and engaging for your child. See the Prep Step in action: [LINK to blog post with Prep Step song] #GetReadyGetSafe

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