Exterior of a Primrose School of Brassfield

Primrose School of Brassfield

Franchise Owner

Tony and Kim Lancaster are the Franchise Owners of Primrose Schools of Brassfield and New Irving Park. They have been married for over 20 years and have one daughter. Tony has a Mechanical Engineer...

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Our Staff

Mrs. Erin Floyd, Assistant Director - Curriculum

Mrs. Erin Floyd

Assistant Director - Curriculum

Ms. Ebony Rogers, Assistant Director - Administration

Ms. Ebony Rogers

Assistant Director - Administration

Mrs. Sue Desrosiers, Young Toddler

Mrs. Sue Desrosiers

Young Toddler

Ms. Miranda Prusiecki, Early Preschool

Ms. Miranda Prusiecki

Early Preschool

Ms. Kimberly Keaton, Early Preschool

Ms. Kimberly Keaton

Early Preschool

Ms. Genesis Stokes, Early Preschool

Ms. Genesis Stokes

Early Preschool

Mrs. Valgenia Robinson, Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Valgenia Robinson


Mrs. Teresa Tirado, Pre-Kindergarten

Mrs. Teresa Tirado


Mrs. Jennifer Jarrett, Half Day PS / PreK

Mrs. Jennifer Jarrett

Half Day PS / PreK

Mrs. Sharon Williams, Half Day PS / PreK

Mrs. Sharon Williams

Half Day PS / PreK