Primrose School of Bee Cave

Parent Testimonials

  • I have had my twin boys at Primrose since they were 2. We have had a lot of great teachers during that time but one, in particular, deserves special recognition. Ms. Sarah is a fantastic teacher. She has taken the time to get to know all the quirks and apecial qualities of my son, Brady, as well as each of the kids in her class. She understands the way to motivate and encourage the kids with positive reinforcement, taking the time to consistently recognize great behavior with Happy Grams. She is kind, thoughtful, loving and patient, all qualities that I not only hope to see in a teacher but that I try to emulate in my daily life with my own three children at home. Thank you for sharing this wonderful teacher with our family. I know that Brady is a more confident, happy boy thanks to having Ms. Sarah in his world this year. We love you, Ms. Sarah!

    Karin S


  • My son has been a student at the Primrose School of Bee Cave for 2 years and we could not be more pleased withhis educational experience. When we drop Wilder off we are always greeted warmly by themanagement and his teachers. We are also very pleased with the menu choices that Primrose offers their students. My husband I and do not allow Wilder to have high fructose corn syrup and we were thrilled to learn that Primrose does not serve it either.

    Camille M


  • My son David was enrolled in Primrose this September. We just moved to the area and I am afraid David may not adjust to the new environment. I am very glad I enrolled David in Primrose, Bee Cave. The school room teachersare very nice, gentle, and patient. The school program is very good, it has different varities of activities. They organized community theme, around the world theme, book eventand even with family night. David is making new friends there and he really enjoys the school. As a working mom, I have secure feeling because David is in good hands. He enjoyed the activities and learning program there. I specially like they organized various activities and themesfor the kids. It is a fun place. My old son was there for after school program just one day, and he enjoyed it as well.



  • The teachers and staff are incredible. The curriculum is a great one, but it's the people at the school that keep us there. Our daughters love everyone and we are treated like family. Always a smile coming in the door, in the morning as well as the afternoon. Our children look forward to going to school and we feel safe leaving them in the care of the people there. We'd been to 3 different child care facilities and one private sitter before Primrose and nothing compares to the attention, education, discipline and care for our child. There is no price to put on the individuals involved with this company. WE LOVE THEM!

    Erik F


  • My daughter started attending Primrose at the age of 4 months and continued in their after school program and summer camps until the 2nd grade. I know that her success in school can be directly attributed to the foundation she received at Primrose. The curriculum, attitude toward discipline and approach to learning made the transition to kindergarten seamless. So when my son was born (nine years later...) Primrose Bee Cave was the ONLY choice for his child care. Not surprisingly, when I enrolled my son in the Young Toddler class some of the teachers and staff members were still there! This is a testament to both the owners and their management. The Bee Cave Primrose is a well-run, clean, fun, engaging environment where children are nurtured and taught fundamental skills which provide a wonderful foundation for continued learning.