Primrose School of Bee Cave

Our Staff

  • Ms.Victoria Chadis, Director

    Ms.Victoria Chadis

  • Ms. Anaya Avinger, Curriculum Coordinator

    Ms. Anaya Avinger

    Curriculum Coordinator

    I am from Dallas, Texas. I moved to San Marcos in 2018 and quickly found myself working with children in Austin. I love working with children and I’m so grateful for the wonderful community Primrose has provided. I was the Pre Kindergarten teacher at our West Lake Hills location before moving in to my leadership role at the Bee Cave location. In my free time I enjoy reading, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. On the weekends you can find me at Bath & Body Works, on the lake, or on the couch with my cat, Boomer. I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family!

  • Ms.Britany Tillett, Enrollment Coordinator

    Ms.Britany Tillett

    Enrollment Coordinator

    Hi! My name is Britany Tillett. I am the Enrollment Coordinator at Primrose School of Bee Cave and Primrose School of Lakeway. I began working at Primrose in 2018 as a teacher for the after-school Explorer's program. I went out to be an infant teacher for a year and half before moving into leadership. I have two amazing daughters, Leighton and Sutton, they are my WHY and the reason for everything I do!

    Since I began working at Primrose, I have gained so much knowledge about early childhood education and the village that lays the foundation to a successful and supportive life. The positive and supportive culture of the schools has led me to foster relationships with so many amazing people - from building lifelong friendships with my team to sharing my Primrose experience with each teacher, each family who inquires about our program, each enrolled family. I love watching each of them create their own experience at Primrose.

    I grew up in the beautiful but cold city of Bozeman, MT and went to college in Los Angeles, CA where I earned my Associate of Arts in Visual Communications. I am very family oriented which led me to move to Texas in 2016. I love sci-fi, technology, TED talks, and will research everything and anything that intrigues me.

    Everyday I strive to learn something new, I love being able to share my knowledge with those around me and impact their lives in a positive way!

  • Ms. Camila Coronado, Office Manager

    Ms. Camila Coronado

    Office Manager
  • Christy Black, Franchise Owner

    Christy Black

    Franchise Owner

    Hello and thank you for inquiring about our school! We would love to get the opportunity to show you all the wonderful things that Primrose can offer your child and family! We know that firsthand, as we have now raised three children through the Primrose culture. Our oldest son, Jaden, began at 20 months of age and our other four children, Tylar, Beau and Cotton, all began at 6 weeks old. Let us tell you our story:

    Jared and Christy met while attending Texas A&M University and were married in 2003. In 2007, they moved to the Fort Worth area where Jared got a job as a project manager for a general contracting firm, building public schools and Christy was hired as the Assistant Director at a Primrose School in Southlake. After a short time, Christy was promoted to the Director position at the school, which she maintained for the next 6 years. In the spring of 2014, they got the opportunity to purchase their own Primrose School and it became official in October of 2014 after a move to the Austin area. We have been here ever since and continue to love it more each and every day!

    Inside, you will find our culture to be a positive, engaging, and joyful one. It is an atmosphere of fun, educational, safe, and best of all, purposeful play. We pride ourselves in making sure that each child, family, staff member, and leadership team member has the same experience day in and day out. We are available any time to discuss anything going on in your lives or simply get to know you better. You will find us here almost every day and at all of our major events. Our Primrose family is an extension of our own family. We jokingly tell people around town that instead of having a fifth child, we had 175 of them.

    We look forward to getting the opportunity to get to know your story and what brought you to Primrose. Please let us or our leadership team know how we can help you in any way and we thank you again for your interest!

    All the best!

    Jared and Christy Black

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