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Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced Learning® approach in action.

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Find out how our time-tested Balanced Learning approach makes the difference.

Latest News

  • Family of the Month - July 2017

    Michelle and Mike McLees, along with their daughter, Isabella, are our Family of the Month for July.

  • Family of the Month - June 2017

    Preeti and Madhukar Keer, along with their children, Anushka and Arjun, are our June Family of the Month.

  • How to Teach Manners to Preschoolers

    Dr. Lynn Wonders walks through how to make “please” and “thank you” permanent fixtures in your child’s vocabulary.

  • Family of the Month - May 2017

    Bren and Joshua Brewer, along with their daughter, Sienna, are our Family of the Month for May.

  • Family of the Month - April 2017

    Tomyshia and Uchaun Joseph, along with their children, Nahla and Kingston, are our Family of the Month for April.

  • Swimming –When to Start?

    Your child may not be ready to swim yet, but Dr. Steve Sanders walks through some steps to help familiarize them with water.

  • Family of the Month - March 2017

    TamGiao and Binh Nguyen, along with their daughter, Audrey, are our Family of the Month for March.

  • Family of the Month - February 2017

    Dawn and Marcus Chamorro, along with their sons, Tristan and Dean, are our Family of the Month for February.

  • 6 Easy Summer Dinner Recipes

    Bookmark these easy dinner recipes for those summer nights when you're in a pinch!

  • Family of the Month - January 2017

    Lisa Honeycutt and her daughter, Leah, are our Family of the Month for January.

  • Family of the Month - December 2016

    Shelli and Philip Sharp, along with their children Hannah, Madison, Kaitlyn and Vincent, are our Family of the Month for December.

  • Summer Reading List to Keep Young Minds Active

    Summer is the perfect time to start a parent-child book club. Here are some books to kickstart your list.

  • Family of the Month - November 2016

    Sharon and David Romero, along with their children, Ethan and Mia, are our November Family of the Month.

  • Family of the Month - October 2016

    Stephanie and Brandon Lammers, along with their daughters, Audrey and Kadence, are our October Family of the Month.

  • Should You Be Sneaking Veggies Into Your Toddler’s Diet?

    Nutrition expert Ann Dunaway Teh offers options for parents on both sides of the debate.

  • Family of the Month - September 2016

    ​Sonia and Ruben Hernandez, along with their children Joshua, Krista and Zachary, are our Family of the Month for September.

  • Family of the Month - August 2016

    Mike and Veronica Rygh, along with their children, Michael and Liana, are our Family of the Month for August.

  • Snacktivities: Banana Split Bites

    Try This Delicious (and Healthy!) Twist on A Classic Dessert

  • Family of the Month - July 2016

    Shannon and Stephen Horton, along with their children, Aiden and Tinley, are our July Family of the Month.

  • Family of the Month - June 2016

    Annmarie and Alan Black, along with their daughter, Caelan, are our Family of the Month for June.

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