Primrose School of Atlee Commons

Our Staff

  • Mrs. Claire Habel, Director

    Mrs. Claire Habel


    Mrs. Claire Habel has been a part of our Primrose family for 5 years as the Director. She has two children that started in our Infant rooms. Jimmy, 4, is in our Preschool class, and Jane, 3, is in our Preschool Pathways classroom. She came to Primrose with over 10 years of teaching and administrative experience. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and is continuing her education with a focus in Early Childhood Education. She is passionate about our exclusive early learning approach that balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance. She believes who children become is as important as what they know. Mrs. Habel lives with personal and professional integrity and is a strong advocate for each and every child here at Primrose.

  • Mrs. Kimberly Arthur, Assistant Director, Education Consultant

    Mrs. Kimberly Arthur

    Assistant Director, Education Consultant

    Mrs. Kimberly Arthur has been here at Primrose for 7 years. She came to us with over 20 years of experience as our Lead Private Pre-Kindergarten teacher. She very quickly proved herself as stand-out teacher and employee among our Parents, her Peers, and to management. After 3 years, she was promoted to the Opening Manager, and then to our Assistant Director. Mrs. Arthur heads up the Curriculum Training for our teachers, and is a beloved and much appreciated support to them. She loves children, and is fascinated with watching them learn and grow. Mrs. Arthur has her Childhood Development Associate's Credential and is currently pursuing an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education.

  • Ms. Melanie Rose, Closing Manager/Classroom Support

    Ms. Melanie Rose

    Closing Manager/Classroom Support

    Ms. Melanie Rose has been with Primrose for almost 2 years. She comes to us with about 10 years of experience in childcare. She started here as a Support Teacher in the Older Infant class and driving our school aged children to and from school on the bus. She is now the School's closer and a Floating Support Teacher. She loves working with children and watching them grow and develop. Ms. Rose is currently pursuing her Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education with the future goal of obtaining her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. She has one son, and enjoys crafting and reading every chance she gets. Ms. Rose is MAT and CPR/First Aid certified.

  • Mrs. Lisa Mathews, Kindergarten Teacher

    Mrs. Lisa Mathews

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Ms. Heather Collins

    Older Infant Lead Teacher
  • Ms. Jasymn Carter

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Ms. Monet Cain

    Toddler Teacher
  • Ms. Corrine Starke

    School Float
  • Ms. Aleigha Thien

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Keyara Carter

    Infant Teacher
  • Ms. Lauren Crown

    EPS Teacher
  • Ms. Sonsy Cain

    School Support
  • Ms. Wendy Childs

    EPS Teacher
  • Ms. Cynthia Marks

    Preschool Teacher
  • Ms. Taylor Korey

    Preschool Teacher
  • Mr. Parker Tripp

    Explorers Teacher
  • Mr. Tyson Wilson

    Explorers Teacher
  • Ms. Kaitlyn Lyons

    School Support
  • Ms. Star Martinez

    Pre-K Teacher
  • Ms. Lisa Collins

    Kitchen Manager
  • Amit & Nita Thakor, Franchise Owner

    Amit & Nita Thakor

    Franchise Owners

    Welcome to Primrose Schools!

    We are Amit & Nita Thakor, proud owners of Primrose School of Atlee Commons!

    We discovered Primrose in 2014 when looking for high quality childcare for our first born, Grayson. We were impressed with Primrose from the moment we walked in and saw the clean and welcoming environment. We immediately knew Primrose was the perfect choice for our family. Our second child, Sage, also attended Primrose as an infant and thrived. Primrose helped place the foundation for learning and curiosity that we still see in them both today. 

    We are excited to continue to be part of the Primrose family and now the Hanover Community!

    Prior to becoming Primrose franchise owners, Amit operated and managed hotels for over 20 years. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Hospitality & Management and Business.  Nita is a family practice physician and attended the College of Charleston in South Carolina. After completing residency at St. Francis Hospital in Midlothian, she worked at Patient First for 8 years and is currently doing telemedicine.

    We continue to be amazed by Primrose’s outstanding approach to education, the accredited curriculum, enrichment and character development. “Who children become is as important as what they know” is a belief that is at the core of the Primrose Balanced Learning® approach, and one that we both feel very passionate about. 

    We welcome you to the Primrose of Atlee Commons, and look forward to meeting you!

    Amit & Nita Thakor

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