Exterior of a Primrose School of Atlee Commons

Primrose School of Atlee Commons

Franchise Owners

Ann Andrade (M.S. Biomech. Eng., NC State, B.S. Materials Eng., Clemson) and Luis Andrade (B.S. Chem. Eng., NC State, B.A. Chemistry & Spanish, UNC). The Andrades are proud to bring Primrose Sc...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Claire Habel, Director

Mrs. Claire Habel


Ms. Kathy Reed

Assistant Director

Ms. Danielle Deutsch

Assistant Director

Ms. Toree Adams

Support Teacher - Young Toddler

Mrs. Kimberly Arthur

Lead Teacher - Preschool

Ms. Shoshana Bregman

Support Teacher - Toddlers

Ms. Wendy Desper

School Float

Ms. Joyce Garlick

Support Teacher - Early Preschool 1

Mrs. Jessica Kersey

Lead Teacher, EPS

Mrs. Peggy Rios

Support Teacher, Preschool Pathways

Ms. Kristi Rogers

Lead Teacher, School Float/Explorer Classroom

Ms. Carma Sprouse

Support Teacher - Preschool 1

Ms. Tabitha Dillon

Float Teacher

Ms. Shameika Lenworth

Lead Older Infant Teacher

Ms. Liz Matthaie

Lead Young Infant Teacher

Ms. Megean Brown

Lead Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Kendall Reamer

Young Toddler Support Teacher

Ms. Jena Baker

Lead Toddler Teacher

Ms. Morgan Gillman

Support Teacher, EPS

Ms. Paige Smith

Lead Teacher, Preschool Pathways

Ms. Patricia Haynes

Support Teacher, Preschool

Ms. Andrea Johnson

Lead Teacher, Pre-K Classroom

Ms. Kiersten Hough


Ms. Hannah Alevy

School Float