Primrose School of Ashburn

Parent Testimonials

  • When we went to the open house for this school, our son immediately showed us a positive reaction. That's when we knew we've found the right fit for him. We are so happy Tristan is adjusting well in school. As parents, we believe that investing in a good early education for our son is one of the best gifts we can give him. The education he gets from home and the one he receives from Primrose School of Ashburn will help prepare him for the big school. Kudos to all the teachers, director and owners for the good job! Thank you for all that you do for the kids.

    Lorelei A


  • I was thrilled to enroll our daughter at Primrose because I like the balanced curriculum that includes social and emotional development. Since she has been there she has learned so much and she is always happy to spend the day with her friends and wonderful teachers. It is evident that she is learning something new everyday and I am so excited when she suddenly does something that I didn't teach her - signing that she wants more to eat, saying her ABC's, or singing and acting out songs on the car ride home. I love Primrose goes out of their way to provide fun and educational activities such as gardening, painting, and splash day. Everyday I feel confident that I am leaving her in capable hands and that she is truly loved by the owners, teachers, and administrators at Primrose. Thanks so much!

    Donna Y


  • After relocating to Virginia, Primrose of Ashburn was the first daycare we looked at when it came time to putting her back into school. After meeting Miss Adela and Miss Heather as well as touring the school and hearing about the diffrent programs we fell in love. We looked at other schools but none compared. Our daughter was out of school for about six weeks before restarting and it was as if she had been at Primrose all along. Drop offs were good, she cried the first 2 days but each day got better and the compassion shown by everyone teachers as well as the leadership team helped to make her feel comfortable and safe. She continues to grow and thrive and while we have had the occasional hiccup everyone is so approachable and they make the time to talk with you, hear your concerns, and work with you to get them addressed. To me Primrose of Ashburn has gone above and beyond when it comes to providing care for my daughter. They helped us emmensely with her potty training, they even provided some wonderful recommendations to healthcare providers in the area. Aubry comes home singing the songs she learns in school, telling us about her day, and is even starting to pick up spanish at the early age of 3. We feel very fortunate to be a part of the Primrose of Ashburn family.

    Jennifer T


  • My oldest son has been to an at home day care and another school in the area but neither have come close to Primrose School of Ashburn in any way. We actually ended up looking at Primrose because we were expecting a new baby in February and the school that Connor was attending could not accommodate the schedule we needed for him and his newest brother so we began looking for a new school. Primrose was the first and last school we looked at. They were so warm and welcoming from the minute we walked in the front door. They were so informative about everything they offered, their curriculum, and their goals for our children. Once we finished the tour we knew that our kids would be in great hands at Primrose.

    Erin P


  • My child is new at Primrose in Ashburn and I recently visited the school for the first time. I am very impressed by the care my child is receiving at Primrose as well as the fantastic staff and the tour I got of the facilities. I am more then certain my daughter will got a lot out of her time at Primrose that willperpare her for a Private Schoolandall further education.

    John A. M


  • We enrolled our daughter at Primrose School of Ashburn a little over a year ago after looking at many other schools. From the minute we walked in the door and were greeted by Adelawe knew this was the place for our daughter. She has been in the infant, toddler, and now Early Pre School classrooms and we've had nothing but good experiences. She has been learning so much and her confidence grows with her age.We have always been impressed by what we've seen in our daughter's development but were even more so after her 2 year doctor's visit. Our pediatrician asked us if she was saying 3 to 5 words. My response was "sure, she uses 3 to 5 word sentences." Our daughter then proceeded to show off her vocabulary, motor skills, and conversational skills. The pediatrician was very impressed and assuredus that she was "very advanced" for her age and that we should continue doing what we've been doing. My husband and I feel strongly that the curriculum and teachers at Primrose have been key to getting her to this point and feel more confident than ever in our decision to enroll her at this school.

    Claudia G