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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Adela and Victor Taboada
Adela and Victor Taboada
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Adela and Victor Taboada


Adela & Victor Taboada, owners and operators of the Primrose School of Ashburn at Broadlands and the Primrose School of Ashburn, believe that the greatest gift parents can give to their children is the guidance to become adults that love who they are, and what they do.

Helping to develop such self-knowledge and passion for life in young children requires a delicate balance of nurturing and education. At Primrose our carefully selected and trained faculty help children unlock their potential, so that they may find fulfillment and success in life.

We believe in partnering with parents to nurture, encourage and promote the educational, emotional and psychological readiness of the whole child. Adela and Victor are firm believers in providing an environment that will foster a confident, happy child. They believe in a balanced learning curriculum that focuses on the different aspects of development, such as cognitive, social-emotional, character development, physical and creative sides; all of which are essential parts of becoming a well-rounded child. They have instilled these values in their five children. Adela -a Business Major and teacher for over twenty years- and Victor -a Mechanical Engineer- share a love of children, a passion for education, and believe in the importance of building a solid foundation in the early years.

Their search for a way to make a difference inspired them to find the best possible early education program to bring to our community. After extensive research they found the gold standard: Primrose Schools. The Primrose School of Ashburn at Broadlands and the Primrose School of Ashburn are the culmination of a long term dream for the Taboada family.

Adela and Victor are delighted to be able to offer your family the best in early childhood care and education, and are thrilled to be part of the dynamic and vibrant community of Northern Virginia!

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