Primrose School of Arrowhead

Parent Testimonials

  • We heart Primrose of Arrowhead. We were fortunate enough to have our daughter's grandmother (Mana) help us with childcare the first year of her life, and it was a little scary at first exploring different childcare sites. However, when we entered Primrose, we were immediately comfortable and we knew leaving that day that we had finally found the right place. She has been there for over a year now, and absolutely adores her teachers Ms. Manaras, Ms. Pavelek, and Ms. Hoyt. Everyone is friendly from the moment you walk in the door, and we have never had any issues or concerns. Thank you!!

    Carissa (& Warren) T


  • My son has been at this school for a little over a year, and he loves it! The staff is so sweet and energetic with him, and he is learning so much! He comes home everyday excited about what happened in his class. The front staff is amazing too, I always appreciate an office full of smiles when I'm in a rush to get to work. This school is clean and very well managed. Staff is always amazing! I couldn't ask for a better environment for my son. Thanks Primrose!!!

    Brynne H


  • When my husband and I were looking for a daycare for our son it was a very emotional experience. I can remember when we were looking, we would walk into some and walk right back out. That was not the case with Primrose. We instantly fell in love with the teachers, the office staff and of course the facility. We immediately had a sense of relief that we finally found the place that we felt like family and most importantly felt comfortable leaving our son in their care. Ryan's teachers are amazing and really patient. We love telling all our friends and family how much we love Primrose. Thank you Primrose of Arrowhead for being so amazing!

    Joey and Becca C


  • Mornings like today make me so thankful that we found Primrose for our son. We had a rough start to the morning and my baby was being a little cranky, so I was worried he was going to have a bad day at school. However, as soon as we walked into the classroom he reached for his teacher and gave her the biggest hug! It was heartwarming to see just how much my baby loves his teacher. I was able to go to work and not worry because I know he's in good hands of teachers who love and care for him.

    Kristin C


  • Why? The reason is simple; the staff at Primrose of Arrowhead genuinely cares! From the moment I walk in I am greeted with smiling faces. You can really tell all the teachers actually want to be there and that Primrose isn’t just “another job”. The school is always completely clean, smells fresh, and has a warm inviting atmosphere. This is the first school my children actually WANT to go to! My boys enjoy the challenging curriculum, and exploring new things that Primrose offers them.



  • My daughter has been attending Primrose for 2 years. I absolutely love Primrose at Arrowhead. The staff are compassionate, accommodating, understanding, thoughtful, informative, and very helpful. Their communication with the parents is amazing. I call everyday on my lunch break to check on my daughter and they answer the phone with a smile in their voice. My daughter went to two daycares prior to Primrose and they were absolutely awful and my daughter cried when I dropped her off and cried when I picked her up! It broke my heart every day to leave her there. Now, my daughter thinks everyday is a school day! She loves it there and most of the time shuts the door as I am leaving! My daughter has loved every staff member there. She gets very attached to them. Its not just a daycare. It is an actual school even for infants. It is structured and not a bunch of teenagers watching your kid. My daughter learns so much for them, even sign language! I only wish they went all the way up to 12th grade!! She will be going there till she can't anymore and my future kids will go there as well! We love Primrose!

    Kylee F