Primrose School of Alpharetta East

Our Staff

  • Michelle Coleman, Director

    Michelle Coleman

  • Michelle Green, Director of Education

    Michelle Green

    Director of Education

    Michelle Green, otherwise known as Ms. Michelle G. is our Assistant Director of Education. Ms. Michelle G has over 15 years of childcare experience!  When asked what is her favorite part of working at PSAE she said, "It is so refreshing to come into a child care facility that is clean, well-organized, and the staff genuinely love to be at the school!" During her leisure time, you can find Ms. Michelle G reading, spending time with family, and watching re-runs of the Gilmore Girls. 


  • Zane Bowman, Director of Marketing & Office Management

    Zane Bowman

    Director of Marketing & Office Management
  • Sara English

    Administrative Assistant
  • Alma Garcia, School Chef

    Alma Garcia

    School Chef

    Alma Garcia, otherwise known as Ms. Alma to the children is our amazing chef. She delivers a healthy and balanced menu with a smile. And every Friday morning, you can count on the scent of homemade cookies, getting us all through the day in anticipation of what waits for us at the end of a long week....Cookie Friday. And if we forget, be sure to ask to see our kitchen when you come by to tour our school. Chef Alma prides herself on providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for our children.

  • Nena  Garcia, Infant Classroom Teacher

    Nena Garcia

    Infant Classroom Teacher
  • Amita Patel, Infant Classroom Teacher

    Amita Patel

    Infant Classroom Teacher
  • Maria Rincon, Infant Classroom Teacher

    Maria Rincon

    Infant Classroom Teacher
  • Carolina Hernandez-Navia, Infant Classroom Teacher

    Carolina Hernandez-Navia

    Infant Classroom Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Anahita "Ani" Mohseni

    Infant Classroom Teacher
  • Vanessa Gomez

    Infant Classroom Teacher
  • Lydia Moyer, Young Toddler Classroom Teacher

    Lydia Moyer

    Young Toddler Classroom Teacher

    Lydia Moyer, otherwise known as Ms. Lydia is our Young Toddler Classroom teacher. Ms. Lydia has been working for PSAE for quite some time now. She has over four years of child care experience. When asked what her favorite part of working in child care she said, "Personally, I really enjoy building relationships & watching the children learn new skills." During her leisure time, you can find Ms. Lydia enjoying all of nature's bliss as she spends it hiking, and kayaking. 

  • Tinika Brewton, Young Toddler Classroom Teacher

    Tinika Brewton

    Young Toddler Classroom Teacher
  • Cheyenne Spells

    Support Teacher
  • Rachel Fagan, Toddler Classroom Teacher

    Rachel Fagan

    Toddler Classroom Teacher

    Rachel Fagan, otherwise known as Ms. Rachel is our Toddler Classroom Teacher. Before joining PSAE, Ms. Rachel worked as a teacher for five years, and prior to that she even taught ballet classes to preschool-aged children. In fact, Ms. Rachel has a Bachelor's Degree in Dance that she earned from Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. When asked what was her highlight of working in child care she said, " I love getting to meet families with different backgrounds & watching the children grow!" During her leisure time, you can find Ms. Rachel singing & dancing around the house with her family -- if she's not there, you can find her at the library enjoying a book, and a warm cup of coffee. 

  • Nyeasia Rogers, Toddler Classroom Assistant Teacher

    Nyeasia Rogers

    Toddler Classroom Assistant Teacher

    Nyeasia Rogers, otherwise known as Ms. Nye. Ms. Nye is an essential part of our Toddler teaching team. Prior to teaching at PSAE, Ms. Nye worked within the Primrose network previously at another school for several years. Ms. Nye grew up in New York, and is the oldest of her six siblings! When asked what is her highlight when working with children she said, "The genuine hugs each of the children give to me on a daily basis makes my day so much better!" During Ms. Nye's free time you can find her taking care of her 3 cats, gardening, or knitting! 

  • Genesis Gonzalez, Early Preschool Classroom Teacher

    Genesis Gonzalez

    Early Preschool Classroom Teacher
  • Helena Adams

    Early Preschool Classroom Teacher
  • Kasandra Garcia

    Early Preschool Classroom Assistant Teacher
  • Robin Jaimeson

    Assistant Teacher
  • Carrie McGaha

    Preschool Pathways Teacher
  • Jemella Taylor, Preschool Pathways Classroom Assistant Teacher

    Jemella Taylor

    Preschool Pathways Classroom Assistant Teacher
  • Isabella Cordovi

    Preschool Pathways Assistant Teacher
  • Christine  Gallagher, Preschool Classroom Teacher

    Christine Gallagher

    Preschool Classroom Teacher
  • Brianna Jacobs, Preschool Assistant Teacher

    Brianna Jacobs

    Preschool Assistant Teacher
  • Keilani Lowe, Preschool 2 Classroom Teacher

    Keilani Lowe

    Preschool 2 Classroom Teacher
  • Tanya Norton, Pre-K Classroom Teacher

    Tanya Norton

    Pre-K Classroom Teacher
  • Thomasina Moyer, Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Teacher

    Thomasina Moyer

    Pre-Kindergarten Classroom Teacher
  • Amelia Fitts

    Support Teacher
  • Yoselin Lora

    Support Teacher
  • Tiara Matthews, Explorers Classroom Teacher

    Tiara Matthews

    Explorers Classroom Teacher
  • Lauren & Josh Jones, Franchise Owner

    Lauren & Josh Jones

    Franchise Owners

    Welcome to Primrose School!

    Our names are Lauren and Josh Jones, and we are the proud new owners of the Primrose School of Alpharetta East. With the strong reputation Primrose Schools has across the Atlanta community, we first discovered Primrose looking for a place where our daughter could thrive. We were immediately drawn to Primrose Schools focus on character development and excellence in teaching children in a holistic, balanced approach. Now with two little children, we are so thankful to be a part of the Primrose family and are thrilled to bring our passion for education to the Primrose School of Alpharetta East and the greater Alpharetta community.

    Before joining the Primrose family, Lauren worked as an elementary education teacher for fifteen years. A Georgia native - born and raised in Marietta, Georgia - she studied at Berry College and earned both an undergraduate and graduate degree in Early Childhood Education. She has teaching experience in the state of Georgia and Monterrey, Mexico as an international teacher. Most recently, Lauren worked as a first-grade teacher with the Lovett School in Atlanta.

    Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Josh moved to Atlanta for work ten years ago and currently works as a technology consultant. He studied at Furman University and University of Virginia, earning a degree in accounting and is a Georgia Certified Public Accountant. Josh will support Lauren by helping with the school’s accounting and finance needs.

    “Who children become is as important as what they know” is a belief that is at the core of our Balanced Learning® approach. Our exclusive early learning approach balances purposeful play with nurturing guidance from teachers to encourage curiosity, creativity, confidence, and compassion. We deliver more than a curriculum; it’s a life-changing early learning experience for children and their families.

    We are truly thrilled to be a part of your family’s education journey!

    ~Lauren and Josh Jones

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