Primrose School of Ahwatukee

Parent Testimonials

  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.



  • Primrose has been a very warm and inviting school experience for our family and we absolutely adore the staff, especially the Director, Ruthann. She has been so helpful with every aspect of our experience at Primrose. With every question, to every request. She has been committed to finding the answers for us and has always made every effort to accommodate. She is such a warm and caring person, inside and out! Always so full of joy and enthusiasm and brightens our day every morning. I have appreciated how the staff truly care about your child and have been impressed that no matter which teacher or staff member you encounter in the hallway with your child, they know your child’s name when you are greeted. We have never felt this way about any school/daycare we've had our children attend, and for that, we truly thank them from the bottom of our hearts!



  • "We first found Primrose while living in Minnesota in 2010. We had interviewed and toured many facilities and upon entering Primrose and meeting with the Holts, we knew this is where we belonged. We were impressed by everything the school offered; the curriculum, facilities, level of care, friendliness, and warmth. We enrolled our son Joseph, who at the time was 2. The education and care far exceeded our expectations. He grew so much while at Primrose, we were amazed. Eight months later,we enrolled our son Jack, at the time he was 1.5 years old. He was attending an in-home facility and I knew he needed to be at Primrose. Within weeks, Jack was learning and growing. We were astounded by the growth in his speech; vocabulary, annunciation, etc. In August of 2011, we received notice that we were being transferred to the Chicago area. Immediately I searched the Primrose website for schools within in the area. There were three opening in the area so we based our home search within those areas. After driving around, researching all aspects of the various cities that the Primrose schools would be located (schools, economy, jobs, etc.), we made our decision to move to the Algonquin area. After the decision was made to move to the Algonquin area, I made a phone call to Laura Daniel in September to introduce myself, discuss the timing of the school's opening, etc. We kept in touch until we moved in October. Within weeks of our arrival to the Chicago area, Primrose of Algonquin was having their first Open House. Of course we attended, giving us the opportunity to meet the Daniels and tour the school. That day I signed the registration papers and we were all set for the January 2012 opening. My son Joseph (JJ) was enrolled in Pre-K and Jack in Early Preschool. Both of my children love Primrose. Each morning they cannot wait to go to school. As a parent, its reassuring to know that your children love their school , are receiving an outstanding education for their age and excellent care during the hours you are away from them. Both my husband and I are extremely impressed by the curriculum that Primrose offers and upholds throughout all of their schools. Education starts at an early age and Primrose understands that. The transition between the two locations; Woodbury and Algonquin was seamless for my children and it eased my fears of the change that they would experience. JJ immediately recognized the Primrose building when we drove into the parking lot and was so excited to run in and play and knew where each classroom was located; Preschool, Pre-K, etc. My husband, Joe, and I could not have ask for a better early childhood education facility. My children have made huge strides in their education and growth as well as making friends. It doesn't hurt that I have made friends as well with many of the staff members and I am getting to know many of the other parents. It's like a second home to my family. I recommend Primrose to anyone who inquires about preschools. Primrose has been the best decision for my children!!

    Jennifer E.


  • I am a regionally based college admission representative for my alma mater in a neighboring state and my husband is a high school teacher in a neighboring town. My work schedule is very heavy during prime periods of the recruitment season and we need and have found the flexibility for before and after school care at Primrose that matches our crazy family schedule. Our center opened at beginning of 2012 and we saw it "grow" in the months that it was being constructed. It was a fun experience for our sons to be among the original students at Primrose. We could not be happier with our experiences! It is a joy to see our sons frowning when we come to pick them up, since they never want to leave! We wish Primrose had been open when our sons were younger.