Primrose School of Ahwatukee

Franchise Owners

Originally from Texas, we have been Ahwatukee residents for over ten years. We both attended Hardin-Simmons University and Todd received his CPA and later an MBA from Southern Methodist University....

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Mrs. de Castro

Assistant Director

Ms. Hunnicutt

Assistant Director

Mrs. McHolm

Lead Infant I Teacher

Ms. Morton

Assistant Teacher - Infant I

Ms. Copeland

Lead Infant II Teacher

Mrs. Dunn

Lead Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Robles

Assistant Teacher - Young Toddlers

Ms. Valle

Lead Older Toddler Teacher

Ms. Kyle

Assistant Teacher - Older Toddlers

Mrs. Grundman

Lead Early Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Thompson

Assistant Teacher - Early Preschool I

Ms. Allen

Lead Early Preschool II Teacher

Ms. Dotterman

Assistant Teacher - Early Preschool II (Picture to come!)

Mrs. Hafdal

Lead Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Herrera

Lead Teacher - Preschool II

Mrs. Warren

Lead Pre-Kindergarten I Teacher

Mrs. Petrilla

Lead Pre-Kindergarten II Teacher

Ms. Williams

Assistant Teacher - Pre-Kindergarten II