Primrose School at Afton Village

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose is a great fit for our family. Our daughter loves her school. All teachers are welcoming and excited to work with our daughter.

    John M.


  • You guys are the best!



  • Last year, after learning we were expecting our second child in December, we decided that a few months before we welcomed our newest bundle of joy that we needed to enroll our first child, who had always been kept in private care, in a preschool. Our intentions for doing this was for her to learn was it was like to be around other children so that once our second daughter was born she wasn’t in shock to have another child around 24/7. We had hoped she would learn about sharing and how to communicate with other children, what we got was so much more that than. In just the short 10 months Carsyn has been at Primrose she has learned more than I ever expected a 2 year old to know. Along with the educational skills learned, they worked really hard with her on potty training and keep encouraging us to not give up, even when I wanted to throw a diaper back on her! I will admit we researched plenty of schools before deciding on Primrose, but I am very happy we chose this school. Carsyn will stay at Primrose through the private kindergarten and we plan to enroll our youngest once she turns two. You can't beat the teachers they have in place for EP1 and EP2! Thank you ladies for making our experience at Primrose so positive.

    Jacquelyn C.


  • My Daughter, Sydney attended Primrose School at Afton Village from ages 3-5 and even completed the accredited Kindergarten program. She is now 7 and has fond memories of friends, teachers, fun and learning. Now her 2 1/2 year old brother, Braden is attending Primrose. He is thriving and loves playing with his friends and learning new things. Afton Village is an exceptional Primrose School - their teachers and administrative staff are fantastic. I highly recommend them!

    Heather S.


  • Your role as my child's teacher is crucial in ensuring he develops academically, mentally and socially in a well-adjusted manner. My wife and I are so elated that our son is enjoying your school. We thank you for all of the support that you have shown to our family. The activities are well planned, and the staff is always professional. We say "Thank You" for all of the kindness we are receiving upon and after arrival. Thanks for everything!



  • When my children started at Primrose it was something very new to them. They both were use to staying at home during the day with our long term sitter while I worked full time out of my home office. Starting my children at Primrose was an immediate great experience for all of us, and gave both children the socialization and comfort they needed. I knew our children were in great care even though I couldn’t be there with them any longer during the day. Both Max and Lucia made friends during their first few days at Primrose. There are several friends that they are still in contact with even though they have moved on. In addition, when Max my oldest, went on to Kindergarten, I knew he was ready because of the curriculum Primrose provided. The staff at Primrose is like no other. They are driven, caring, educators that have the best interest for our children. They are friendly, warm, and feel like family to our entire family. We love both the staff and school, and know we will always hold a special place in our hearts for Primrose. We feel fortunate to have enrolled our children in this exceptional program.

    Brooke A.


  • We enrolled our son in Primrose when he was 10 weeks old. While I was nervous about leaving him with other care givers, I soon realized that he was simply being introduced to his extended family. The staff at Primrose is so incredibly caring and understanding. They constantly go above and beyond when it comes to our son and his well being. Eli is six now, and he asked us this past week if he could attend Primrose's Summer Camp again this year!

    Kay J.