To Honor Working Parents, Primrose Schools® Wants You to Know the Guilt is Real

ATLANTA (Sept. 13, 2018) – Guilt is a powerful emotion. For many working parents, it’s also self-inflicted. Responsibilities at work and at home keep parents in a constant balancing act, often wondering whether they’re doing enough for their children. Primrose Schools, a national high-quality early education and care provider, is celebrating National Working Parents Day on Sept. 16 by releasing videos and resources to help parents feel more appreciated and confident as they focus on raising kind, caring children.

“Parent guilt has always been a reality, but it feels even more pronounced today as a result of social media," says Jo Kirchner, CEO of Primrose Schools. “With an increasing number of two-income families across the U.S., it's important to expose this gap between perception and reality so working parents feel confident about their work-life balance and their ability to raise compassionate, thoughtful children."

Mom Guilt is Real

Family and career responsibilities often mean working parents are in constant motion. And, in today’s social media-centric world, they compare themselves to idealistic standards which creates added pressure about doing enough or doing it “right.” Despite having, arguably, the most important jobs in the world, working mothers in particular underestimate their own abilities:

    • A 2017 Pew study shows 43 percent of full-time working mothers say they don’t spend enough time with their children.
    • According to 2017 MRI data, 73 percent of moms say they like to give the impression that their lives are under control. And 76 percent say they are so busy, they can’t finish everything they need to do in a day.
    • Sixty-two percent of working mothers believe other parents have an easier time accomplishing everyday tasks according to a survey.
    • In an additional Pew study, 85 percent of moms say they feel rushed at least some of the time.

“It's evident that today’s working parents really struggle with feelings of guilt,” says Lynn Louise Wonders, an early childhood development and parenting expert. “Social media amplifies these emotions by compelling parents to constantly compare themselves to others. The best thing we can do to empower today’s parents is help them redirect that energy and focus on what they’re doing right, like nurturing positive character traits in their children.”

A Voice of Reassurance

With nearly 400 schools across the country, Primrose Franchise Owners and teachers see parent guilt on a daily basis, but they also see something else: children who are deeply and positively impacted by the influence of loving parents who are doing a great job. To celebrate Working Parents Day, Primrose hopes to give moms and dads across the country a beautiful gift – a moment to reflect on the great job they do every day.

Under the guise of a research project, five moms were asked about their parenting challenges and worries in a hidden-camera style interview. At the end of the session, each mom was surprised with a personal video message from her family members and friends and children’s teachers who all reinforced what an incredible job she is doing.

“Initially, I thought they had the wrong mom,” said Maria Reid, a registered nurse and mother of four who is currently expecting her fifth child. “I was in utter disbelief. Aside from my husband and kids, I don’t hear ‘good job’ or ‘keep up the great work.’ I left the experience feeling like I was floating on clouds. I felt important, empowered and encouraged!”

On Sept. 16, add your voice in support of working parents across the county. Primrose schools are also going the extra mile to make parents feel appreciated - whether that’s providing a delicious to-go breakfast or making videos of students sharing why their parents are superheroes. On Working Parents Day, you too can make a difference – reach out to parents you know with a helping hand or encouraging word – or, fill out this short form to send them a supportive message! Join us as we reassure today’s working moms and dads that they’re doing a great job raising kind, compassionate children.

About Primrose Schools®

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