Primrose Schools Inspires Preschoolers to Develop Curiosity and Respect for the Planet

ATLANTA (April 19, 2022) – Primrose Schools, the premier early education and care leader with nearly 475 locations in the U.S., celebrates Earth Day year-round by creating hands-on conservation experiences for students, implementing recycling habits and practicing sustainable techniques in a fun and accessible way using the Balanced Learning® approach — a research-informed learning approach that engages children and inspires them to think with creativity, compassion, and resourcefulness. This year, Primrose schools across the country will celebrate Earth Day by practicing sustainability and tending to their schools’ Primrose Patch gardens.

As part of the Primrose Schools Balanced Learning approach, children participate in conservation activities and discussions that combine a balance of purposeful play with guidance from teachers. Throughout the year, students take part in a variety of STEM-based activities focused on conservation and sustainability-related concepts, including the Primrose Schools Mud Pies® gardening program that gives students the opportunity to grow and harvest plants in their school’s Primrose Patch garden. Another way Primrose infuses conservation into learning is through Primrose Friend Megy® the Pig. Megy teaches students that preserving and protecting the Earth’s natural resources is a part of being a good citizen. Children are engaged in upcycling and repurposing materials through daily recycling in classrooms while using materials for art projects for multiple purposes. Primrose believes fostering childhood experiences like these not only helps children develop respect for the planet but also leads to a greater appreciation for nature later in life.

“At Primrose Schools, teachers are committed, through purposeful play and guidance to instilling traits like compassion, resourcefulness, and curiosity in our young learners. The children’s delight in digging in the dirt, learning the lifecycle of various plants, and watching things grow help our children learn so much about our planet and the part they play in maintaining it,” said Primrose Schools CEO Jo Kirchner.

Primrose schools around the country are celebrating Earth Day this month by:


  • Primrose School of Norman learned about pollution and how it makes Earth and water dirty. The children used droppers to put black water into clean water as a representation of pollution.


  • Primrose School of Westlake at Entrada learned about the components of a complex ecosystem from budding flowers and butterflies to insects in the community that all help keep the Earth healthy! Children are building an understanding of how humans impact the world around us.
  • Primrose School of Grand Peninsula visited their Primrose Patch to water the garden and identify the differences between living and nonliving things.
  • Primrose School of NW Fort Worth planted all new plants and flowers and discovered a bunny nest in the middle of their garden. Teachers taught the children the importance of habitats and how crucial it is not to disturb them.




  • Primrose School of Wayne opened their Primrose Patch. Children learned about growing plants and practicing sustainability as they tend to their school’s Primrose Patch garden. They planted and harvested their own fruits and vegetables to enjoy as a part of the Primrose Balanced Menus program.
  • Primrose School of East Brunswick explored Earth materials like, land, water, air, rocks, minerals, plants, and animals. In the process they learned to differentiate between man-made and natural materials.

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