Honoring Our Opportunity to Impact Change

A Message from Primrose Schools CEO Jo Kirchner

For nearly one year, our country has experienced outrage and cries for change at a level not seen in recent years. At times like this, we embrace our belief that who children become is as important as what they know.

As leaders in early education and care, we have the opportunity and responsibility to help parents educate and nurture young children to become caring, responsible adults.

Last summer, we acknowledged the need for more dialogue within our organization to collectively determine how we can further values-based education that builds character and helps make it possible to overcome intolerance, inequity, and inequality.

Since then, we have made progress on our journey to develop a strategy to ensure Primrose is providing the most supportive approach to diversity, equity and inclusion based on current research and practices. Our work has only just begun to ensure opportunity and a sense of belongingness for every individual who engages with our brand and to help influence the same in the communities we serve.

For all children,

Jo Kirchner

Chief Executive Officer

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