Our Opportunity – A Message from Primrose Schools

A Message from Primrose Schools

We are heartbroken and dismayed by the tragic killings of George Floyd and
others who have experienced intolerable acts of racism and social injustice. We
recognize the sincere outrage and anguish expressed through peaceful protests
because we know, as a society, we can do better. We must listen to this outcry and
take this opportunity, together, to work harder to ensure equality.

We admit we alone don’t currently have the answers to how to accomplish the
kind of transformational change necessary. We do know it will require every
person enjoying the right to live, work, play and speak freely without fear. We do
know we must seek to understand, to learn, and be committed to action.
At Primrose, we believe who children become is as important as what they
know. We have the opportunity and responsibility to help parents educate and
nurture young children to become caring, responsible adults. Each of us is also
committed to help forge a path that leads to a brighter future for all children
which includes working to ensure opportunity, diversity, and inclusion for every

We recognize the need for more dialogue within our organization. We need to
collectively determine how we can further values-based education that builds
character and makes it possible to defeat intolerance, inequity, and inequality. We
cannot be successful divided. Together, we can and must commit to do our
part to enrich the communities we serve so they become safer, kinder and
more respectful places where all people are treated equitably and have equal
opportunity that empowers them to pursue their dreams.