A Letter from Primrose Schools CEO Jo Kirchner

Our country has never dealt with a crisis like COVID-19 or experienced the significant impact it is having on our way of life. In the midst of this disruption, we know your priority is to maintain a safe environment and a sense of normalcy for your children.

Primrose Franchise Owners, your School Leadership Team and Teachers, and our Franchise Support Team share this same priority. Whether your children are in our schools or at home with you, we are fiercely committed to weather this storm with you. We are also overjoyed by the groundswell of understanding and support from parents in every school community.

Most states where Primrose schools are located have identified childcare as an essential service to the community. While deemed essential, many states and localities have implemented new regulations. Where possible, our schools have adjusted to them, including increased preventive health measures. In some situations, based on the new regulations or other circumstances related to the virus, Franchise Owners have made the difficult decision to temporarily close their Primrose schools.

For those caring for children at home – either by choice or because your school temporarily closed – through your school’s Franchise Owner, Primrose is providing you access to at-home play and learning activities from our Balanced Learning® curriculum. We know many of you have a new dual, concurrent responsibility – to your children and your employer. While impossible to replicate the full Primrose early learning experience brought to life by your child’s nurturing and dedicated teachers, we want to help you by working rapidly to expand and enhance our at-home offerings.

To further support all parents who are currently caring for children at home during this crisis, Primrose is proud to provide access to a new at-home play and learning platform based on our Balanced Learning® curriculum.

We are excited to invite all families to join us on our newly launched Online with Og page. Each week, new complimentary content will be made available to help you entertain and educate as you engage with your children in fun play and learning activities.

Over the past few weeks, Primrose Franchise Owners have overwhelmed us with stories and videos capturing delightful interactions between children, parents and teachers, both at school and at home. Your children are bringing moments of joy that help balance the anxiety and uncertainty we are all experiencing. We deeply care for the well-being of your children and value the important role all of us at Primrose have as an extension of your family. The trust you place in us, along with the collective determination we are experiencing with you, is inspirational. It gives us confidence that, together, we will overcome this challenge.

For all children,


Jo Kirchner

Chief Executive Officer