Teaching: A Meaningful Job with Purpose

By Primrose Schools

Teaching is more than a job. It’s a mission. And when you’re an early childhood educator, your mission is to help positively shape the lives of the youngest children.

When Primrose schools hire a new teacher, “they’re looking for someone who’s interested in making a difference in the world, someone who realizes that what educators do in early childhood impacts a child’s entire life,” says Dr. Maria Shaheen, senior director of education for Primrose Schools®.

It’s hard to imagine work that’s more important than that.

Early Childhood Teachers: Influence That Lasts

Teachers love spending their days with adorable little ones whose brains are rapidly growing, absorbing new ideas and experiences every hour. The brain grows faster in the first five years of life than at any other time, and the roots of learning — and enthusiasm to learn — are developed early. That’s why teachers are critical for young children’s learning development.

High-quality early childhood education is linked to increased academic, language and social skills in elementary school and beyond. The relationship between teacher and child is especially important, as is a high-quality curriculum.

As a teacher, what you do now has a big effect on what happens later, Shaheen says.

“You are helping form children’s ideas about the rest of their lives,” she says. “Once they get into elementary school, it’s more difficult to change a negative outlook than it is to foster a positive outlook that started in preschool or even earlier.”

This is a big responsibility, but you’ll never be on your own. Primrose provides teachers with the ready-to-implement Balanced Learning® curriculum, which uses play and exploration to make learning enjoyable and enduring. Teachers at Primrose schools don’t have to create their own lesson plans; rather, they lead lessons that are carefully designed to maximize benefits for every child in the classroom.

The Rewards of Teaching

When you’re a teacher at a Primrose school, you get to see the fruits of your labor every day as the children you teach improve their skills and confidence. Infant teachers see babies learn to sit up and eat from a spoon; Toddler teachers hear words strung together into phrases for the first time; Preschool teachers help children write their names and forge first friendships.

You’ll get to be the one sharing progress and joy with parents. For example, a teacher who takes a picture of a preschooler’s handwritten name each month will be amazed alongside the parents when comparing one month to the next.

As children in your classroom thrive, you’ll know you did your job and did it well. You’re carrying out the mission, every day.

“Primrose helps prepare children for elementary school,” Shaheen says. “Primrose graduates are excited to keep learning, and teachers help make that happen.”

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