Amanda: Leaving Her Mark with Children and Parents

By Primrose Schools

Amanda has seen the power of a great teacher in a child’s life as both a teacher and a mom.

She started as an Early Preschool Teacher at Primrose School of Gainesville in 2001, caring for 2-year-olds. Those toddlers are now in their early 20s, graduating college and starting their adult lives, and Amanda still hears from their parents on social media.

“I don’t think the children remember me, but the parents do, to this day,” she says. “One mom, when her son graduated high school, said I really made an impact on his life.”

Amanda’s own son, Carson, is 19. As a child, he attended Primrose from the Infant room at 6 weeks old to after school care through age 12. Today, he’s a college student studying business, with aspirations of fashion design. He taught himself to sew and has been recognized at his grocery store job for his hard work.

“He is so kind and caring, and I really think Primrose had a lot of impact on his character,” Amanda says. “Those are the kind of skills our teachers instill in our children.”

Today, Amanda helps maintain that high standard of teaching and learning as area director for three Primrose schools in Georgia: Gainesville, Buford and Braselton. She oversees the schools and makes sure teachers and other staff have the resources they need to succeed, just as she has.

Amanda has risen through the ranks at Primrose, the only company she’s worked for in her adult life. She started teaching there right after high school, first with the 2-year-olds and then in a classroom of 1-year-olds.

“It was very empowering knowing I had my own classroom, these little ones I was responsible for,” she says.

Amanda felt supported by her Franchise Owners and Primrose, but today’s teachers have even more help in place, she says. “Primrose is a wonderful first opportunity. Everything is laid out for the teachers to know exactly what to do, even if this is their first job. We give them the tools to perform their job to the highest degree.”

Within a few years of starting at Primrose, Amanda was promoted to leadership, first as operations director, handling day-to-day operations and hiring, and then to area director, a job she’s held for 11 years. No matter her role, she credits the Primrose culture for keeping her around so long.

“The people I work with day in and out, they’re family. They are the best of friends,” she says.

The satisfaction of knowing that her work two decades ago is still reaping rewards in the life of young people today motivates her, too.

“It’s so nice that 20 years later, the parents still remember the love I gave their child.”

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