Teachers Partner with Parents to Help Children Thrive

By Primrose Schools

There is truth in the old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Early childhood education teachers are an important part of that village.

At Primrose schools, teachers partner with parents to make sure their children are developing academically, socially and emotionally. Teachers are another set of dependable, nurturing, consistent adults in a child’s life. 

Here’s how one Primrose parent, Erin E., put it: “Every day my son’s teachers fill me in on his day, from how he ate to what friends he played with. They express how much they enjoy having him in their class and I can truly see it on their faces every morning how much they love him. It makes my day so much better knowing my son is with such a great group of educators.”

Dr. Maria Shaheen, senior director of education for Primrose Schools®, isn’t surprised to hear parents describe teachers in such glowing terms.

“For parents, teachers are like a respected friend that they can get advice from,” she says. When you’re a teacher, “parents trust you, you’re with their child all day long. You’re a lifeline to what their child is doing.”

Parents and teachers develop a relationship of mutual respect as they work toward a common goal: to help the child thrive academically, emotionally and socially. Research shows that when parents and teachers work together, the child is more likely to be successful in school and beyond, Shaheen says.

Primrose Helps Teachers Build Expertise 

If you’re considering teaching but being a resource to parents sounds intimidating, don’t worry. You don’t have to start out as an expert in childhood development — you’ll get there. That’s where Primrose comes in, to provide a robust curriculum, training programs and all the materials and support you need to be an effective teacher.

Teachers at Primrose schools don’t have to create lesson plans; the Balanced Learning® curriculum is comprehensive and ready to deliver from your first day. Franchise Owners and School Leadership Team members are there to help with any questions or challenges faced by teachers or parents.

Primrose Parents Love Their Children’s Teachers

Want to know what kind of parent partnerships could be in your future as a teacher at a Primrose school? We asked Primrose parents about the ways teachers support them in raising their children. Here’s some of what they had to say:

“Ms. T and Ms. B always give us the warm and fuzzies when they write to us about all the awesome things our little girl is up to. We love feeling like we are part of her day even when she is not at home.” —Kori P.

“They always let us know what’s happening in class, send lots of great pictures and communication and take their time to get to know our son individually. They put extra effort into helping him with the areas he struggles. They are fabulous and we can definitely tell an improvement from the first day of school to the last.” —Amanda M.

Potty training is HARD, especially when both parents work full time. Ms. B has made the time to meet with me, explain the process, answer all my questions and come up with a plan for our son. We are so grateful to have her.” —Erin S.

“Our teachers have gotten my 2-year-old to eat every meal at school! Potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and everything else he will not eat at home, he eagerly and happily eats at school. I love knowing they are making sure he is getting those foods somewhere.” —Kate L.

“My husband deployed suddenly in January and our little girl was impacted most by his sudden departure. Ms. H and Ms. B have been nothing but supportive and have gone above and beyond communicating every bright spot and rocky road we are navigating with our daughter and her big emotions. I am forever grateful for their transparency and patience.” —Jillian R.

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