What I’m Grateful For This Year

What I’m Grateful For This Year

A few months ago, I was speaking with a parent-friend of mine about children and what life is like after you have them. Now, I’m not one to romanticize parenthood. I love my son, but I’m not infatuated with him. Nor can I, in good conscience, play the put-upon daddy card. Yes, Bennett is a lot of work, and, yes, this is unpaid labor. Does my home life feel like a modern remake of Les Misérables? Not really. “Talk to me in a couple months,” my friend said, “when the honeymoon is over.”

After that, I felt like I was living on borrowed time, waiting for the other shoe to drop – along with my score on the life satisfaction scale. You know what? It hasn’t happened yet. And, at this point, I don’t see any dark clouds gathering on the horizon. There have been more sunny days than rainy ones so far. This isn’t to say that my first cut at playing dad has gone perfectly, either. The fact is, it still feels like I’m honeymooning with Bennett.

I am grateful that my experience as a first-time dad hasn’t left me gun-shy about a second child. To be honest, this has turned out better than I expected it would. I am an only child, so I kind of assumed that my early experience as a parent would confirm the reasonableness of the single-child household.

You can learn a lot on a honeymoon, much of which transfers over to life back home. On my honeymoon trip with Bennett, I’ve seen a lot so far – good, bad, and disgusting. The good moments have outweighed the bad ones, and I’ve learned to live through the rest. Come what may, I am grateful that I get to go sightseeing with Bennett tomorrow, because this trip of ours is far from over.

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