Little girl holds American flag and hand of woman in military uniform for Veterans Day

4 Veterans Day Ideas for Kids

Veterans Day is a perfect opportunity to help children give thanks to those who have served our country. These fun activities and art and crafts ideas from Primrose schools across the country will help encourage patriotism, gratefulness and compassion in your little ones:

Spend Time with a Veteran

One of the best ways for children to learn about Veterans Day is to provide opportunities for them to interact with veterans face-to-face. Students at Primrose School of Carollwood participate in an annual “Red, White and Blue Celebration” where loved ones or relatives who served in the military visit the school and make patriotic crafts with children. You can participate in or organize a similar event within your school or community!

Decorate with a Wall of Heroes

Help children learn more about the veterans they know and love! Students at Primrose School at West Carmel honored their military friends and family members by creating a “Wall of Heroes” that showcased veterans’ photos and bios. These displays help kids make connections and feel proud of their loved ones when they see their faces and learn about their stories.

Give Back to Our Troops

Encourage your child to practice giving back and help them say “thank you” to our military by sending care packages to troops through organizations like Operation Shoebox. Students at Primrose School of Brookstone filled 37 boxes with goodies and supplies to send to troops. Have your child write encouraging notes to service members and help pack the the boxes.

Plan a Patriotic Celebration

Turn Veteran’s Day into a celebration, like Primrose School of Beavercreek did for the U.S. Air Force’s birthday. Have your child help make a treat to eat and red, white and blue decorations to celebrate the courage and commitment shown by the men and women who have fought for our country. If you live near a military base or a retirement community with veteran residents, consider visiting them and sharing the patriotic treats you make!

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