Unlocking Imagination – Writing Stories with Young Children

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Unlocking Imagination – Writing Stories with Young Children

There’s nothing quite like snuggling up with your little one to enjoy a book. Or seeing their face light up when their favorite character enters the story. Or getting to the end and hearing, “again.” That bonding experience is only the beginning of the benefits of reading with young children. 

From language development and listening skills to encouraging creativity, building empathy and so much more, reading has a huge impact for children. That’s why literacy is a part of every day at Primrose.  

As you read to your child at home, it won’t take long to find that they have favorite books — and it won’t be long after that before they’re “reading” that book to you! Encourage your child to explore their imagination by telling their favorite story, creating their own version of it or even making up a completely new one. 

To get your child started in their story-telling endeavors, we’ve put together a helpful craft. Based on your child’s age and development, use the resources that work for your family. 

While the youngest children may only write or draw in scribbles, they can also verbally tell stories based on what they see. Use this resource to explore a simple story about the Primrose Friends. Ask your child to describe what they see (for example, what the characters are doing and what other items are around them).  

For older children, use this template to create a four-page story completely born out of their imagination.  

If your child is struggling to get started or could use a little guidance, try giving them some simple prompts:   

  • What kinds of things do you see at the park (or feel free to choose another familiar setting)? 
  • What do you like to do there? 
  • Can you draw pictures or write words to describe that place and those activities? 

When your child is finished, have them show their book to friends and family because good books are meant to be shared. We can’t wait to read what yarns your little storyteller spins! 

Download Og’s blank Build-a-Book template or Og’s illustrated Build-a-Book template to get started.

Og's blank build-a-book template    Og's illustrated build-a-book template with bunnies

For more on the benefits of books and encouraging a love of reading, check out:  

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