Preschooler Braxton shows off some of the books he's read

Celebrating Read Across America Day: Preschooler Reads 1,000 Books

How many books have you read in your lifetime? 100? 200? Most of us haven’t kept track. But 4-year-old Braxton can answer this question in a snap: he’s read 1,000 books so far.
Father reads winter sports book to his toddler

Winter Games Reading List for Kids

The Winter Games are finally here, and present an excellent opportunity for children to see countries and cultures from around the world come together and…
A little girl coloring in her living room

A Complete Guide to Nurturing Your Young Author

There is a big difference between the definition of a writer and the definition of an author.  A writer makes lists, scribbles down notes, composes…
Little girl practices writing

Handwriting Preparation Exercises for Your Child

Even though our world is growing more digital by the day, research suggests that writing letters by hand is crucial for a young child’s brain development…
Mother reading to her young daughter

5 Tips to Strengthen Early Literacy Skills

As a mother of three girls, it has been interesting to watch each of my daughters develop into a reader and writer at her own…
Primrose puppets celebrating graduation with little graduation hats

Celebrate With These Graduation Activities for Kids

Make your child’s graduation memorable by completing this keepsake together and posing for a few fun photos with our Primrose props. Photo Booth: Print and…

Helping Your Child Learn to Write

Do you remember what your first response was in elementary school when your teacher asked you to write about what you did over summer vacation? Many of us get sweaty palms, because we remember not knowing how to begin and then worrying about spelling and our handwriting. As parents and teachers, we have a unique opportunity to help children create more positive memories before they enter elementary school by taking a more developmental approach to writing. A good place to…