Young child sleeping soundly

7 Ways to Make Time Change Easier

It often takes a bit more time, effort and advanced planning to help us and our children adjust to time changes, so here are a few tried-and-true tips to make that transition a little easier.
A young girl engaged in watching a video on a smartphone

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

From using smartphones to communicate to watching TV for entertainment, today’s children are growing up surrounded by technology and screens. As children grow and get…
Mother packs her daughter's lunch as she prepares to leave for school

4 Steps for a Better Morning Routine

I am not a morning person – and never have been. I’m a hit-the-snooze-button-for-an-hour kind of girl who prefers not to engage in serious conversations…
DIY sunflower shaped chore chart

Chore Chart for Children

Using this blossom magnetic chore chart makes tasks more fun! Your children will watch the flower bloom on your refrigerator as they help with chores…
A Primrose student enjoying play time in the classroom

3 Steps for Easing Children through Daily Classroom Transitions

Taking transitions in stride is a valuable life lesson that can be difficult for little ones to grasp. In a previous blog post, early childhood…
Little child, sleeping soundly

Why Routines Matter for Preschoolers in Times of Emergency

Tragedies, natural disasters and other emergencies can dramatically alter our everyday lives. However, in these times of chaos and confusion, it is very important to…
A little girl twirling with her mother in her backyard

How to Let Go of Parental Guilt

As back-to-school season approaches, I’m reminded of the stress and challenges I faced transitioning my children from the more relaxed summer months to the school-year…
Berries, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, neatly placed in separate jars

7 Tips to an Organized Kitchen

Every year, it seems like back to school season comes around faster. While we are busy preparing our children for new routines, it may be…
Happy mother and daughter play with a paper windmill on a beautiful, sunny day

You’ve Got This: 3 Strategies to Boost Energy

Parenting is admittedly tiring. Both time and energy are understandably in short supply for just about every parent I know, including myself. But there are…
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