Father reads winter sports book to his toddler

Winter Games Reading List for Kids

The Winter Games are finally here, and present an excellent opportunity for children to see countries and cultures from around the world come together and…
A dad and his young son play football in the back yard

3 Ways to Get your Kids Involved during Football Season

It’s easy to make football a family tradition by getting your kids excited about your team. From dressing your kids in team attire when they are too young to have any say about their clothes to taking them to games, there are plenty of easy ways to get them into the football spirit. As your little one gets older, the fun only continues.
A young girl playing hide and go seek under the table

Keep Kids Active Indoors With These DIY Games

Finding new ways to keep children entertained indoors — especially during the winter months — can be challenging. These activity suggestions will not only keep…
A young girl engaged in watching a video on a smartphone

How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

From using smartphones to communicate to watching TV for entertainment, today’s children are growing up surrounded by technology and screens. As children grow and get…
A little girl playing hopscotch on the sidewalk

Encouraging Outdoor Math Fun

While we often think of kid’s math as counting, adding and subtracting, there are many more ways that young children can make mathematical connections. And…
Mother and daughter happily make patterns in the sand at the beach

Why the Beach is an Awesome Playground

Planning a family trip to the beach this summer? There’s no better place for your child to get some exercise and develop important motor skills!…
Little girl plays with a balance ball

FAQs about Children, Exercise and Sleep

1. My child is turning 4 this summer. Should I sign him up to play sports? Competitive sports are not recommended for children under 5…
Mother having fun with her two young sons in the snow

Why Outdoor Play is Beneficial for Children

The importance of physical activity for kids does not change just because the weather has gotten colder. Playing outside has a positive impact on children’s…
Little girl playing in a tunnel tube, crawling through it and having fun

Ways to Keep Your Child Active Indoors (Ages 0-2 and 3-5)

Daily physical activity helps children stay healthy and happy, but outdoor activities for kids may not always be possible during the winter months. We have…
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