Teaching to Give Back in Our Classrooms and Beyond

World Food Day is October 16! Giving without expecting is a valuable tradition to instill in young children, particularly at this time of year when many come together to fight hunger in their communities.
Two siblings make Valentine's Day cards together

6 Valentine’s Day Crafts and Recipes

Valentine’s Day always brings much-needed warmth and color to long winters. Here are activities to help you and your child get the most out of Valentine’s Day
Two kids make thanksgiving arts and crafts

Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Decorations & Crafts

When I see pumpkins and other Thanksgiving decorations at the grocery store, I know that my favorite season is here – fall! I love this time of year – smelling cinnamon in the air, finding all the new varieties of pumpkins, and of course, seeing the leaves with their rich colors of reds, oranges and browns.
Dad prepares to travel with his baby in the car

8 Tips for Traveling with Babies and Toddlers

As many of us make travel plans for the holidays, I've compiled a few of the tips and tricks I've learned to help make trips with young children a little easier. I've also included some advice for air travel from my good friend and fellow Primrose mom, Leslie. She and her husband are raising two little frequent flyers, so she's a pro!
Family enjoying the snowfall in the park

De-Stressing and Spending Quality Time with Your Kids

With the holiday season upon us, many of us look forward to having extra time to spend with our children and families, but we also…
Father helps son to decorate handmade holiday greeting card

Meaningful Holiday Crafts Made Easy

Button Bookmark December is the absolute busiest time of the year, especially for parents. There are school holiday parties, baking, shopping, cooking and of course…
A young girl excitedly looks at cookie dough waiting to be bake

6 Ways to Share the Joy of Giving with Children

The holidays are here! This year, encourage your child to embrace the joy of giving back and doing good for others. Even though teaching these…
Winter Craft: Snowman Handprint

Winter Craft: Snowman Handprint

Transform your child’s handprint into an easy holiday decoration and meaningful keepsake gift. This adorable DIY snowman handprint art is the perfect craft for kids…
Winter Craft: Reindeer Planter Pots

Winter Craft: Reindeer Planter Pots

This do-it-yourself reindeer planter is the perfect winter craft for kids! Your child will enjoy making this festive holiday decoration and filling it with treats,…
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