Baby boy visits a pumpkin patch as part of his family's fall bucket list

Fall Family Bucket List

Pumpkin patches, apple picking and falling leaves — fall is here and there are endless ways to celebrate with your kids! We asked parents to share some of their favorite ways to ring in the season. Check out our bucket list below for easy fall activities.
Grandfather and grandson play in the park

How Children Benefit From Their Grandparents (and Vice Versa!)

My 3-year-old daughter was recovering from her first stomach virus and my mom watched her so I could return to the office. When I got…
The Critical Thinking Questions You Should Be Asking Your Children

The Critical Thinking Questions You Should Be Asking Your Children

Critical thinking – the ability to take in new information and determine how best to use it – plays a large role in the lives…
Adaptability Skills: Does Your Child Have Them?

Adaptability Skills: Does Your Child Have Them?

Adaptability might seem like a skill that is too advanced for a toddler, but it’s actually important to nurture it early in life. For children,…
Father twirling his daughter while dancing

Nurturing Your Child’s Rhythm

People often assume rhythmic ability is something you are born with, but research tells us otherwise. Like so many areas of development, sense of rhythm…
Texture board highlighting bumpy, soft, furry, scratchy, rough and fuzzy textures using squares of different material

Curriculum Post: Texture Board

Create your own texture board to help your child explore the sense of touch and learn new descriptive words like soft, rough and fuzzy. Sense…
Little boy happily plays a violin

The First Steps to Your Child’s Musical Success

Once you’ve determined that your child is ready to begin playing an instrument, here are some additional tips to consider to ensure that you’ll be setting…
A young boy making cloud dough as his father looks on

Engage Your Senses with These Activities

Children love to explore the world using their senses. Here are two fun kitchen activities that encourage sensory learning! Cloud Dough Supplies: 8 parts flour…
Colored popsicle sticks with summer plans written on them

Summer Bucket List

Summer activity ideas will be at your fingertips with our summer bucket list craft!  Supplies: Small bucket Popsicle sticks Marker Instructions Use a marker to…
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