Celebrating others' birthdays can be a challenge for children

Happy Birthday to … Someone Else — How to Help Children Celebrate Others

It can be challenging for little ones when their friend or sibling is the birthday star. Try these tips to teach your child that sharing the spotlight can be fun, too.

Raising the Engaged Citizens of Tomorrow

Citizenship is a big concept, but children can understand making their community a better place.

How Primrose Balanced Learning Helps Children Develop Social Skills

The Primrose Balanced Learning approach weaves character development and life skills into daily learning experiences so children can develop social and relationship skills.
confident young girl outside with arms stretched out

Celebrating Girls Being Themselves: An Interview with Author Kate T. Parker for Women’s History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we interviewed New York Times Bestselling author Kate T. Parker whose book has inspired young girls to be more confident.

5 Remarkable Women in STEAM to Celebrate with Your Children

To celebrate women in STEAM, we’ve compiled a list of five females who have made monumental achievements in their fields.

Primrose Students and Graduates Put “Giving Without Expectation” into Action

At Primrose Schools®, our emphasis on caring for others and generosity inspires acts of kindness big and small.

4 Ways to Raise a Good Friend

Educators and families can help raise the next generation of fantastic friends. Here’s how we do it at Primrose, and how families can continue the lessons at home.

A Child Development Approach That Takes the Pressure Off Families

Primrose schools work hand-in-hand with families to nurture all aspects of each child's development.

5 Lies Parents Tell Children — and How to Be More Honest

Liz Ergle has one major rule for her kids: In this family, we tell the truth. She wants her children to develop honesty, both as…
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