The Gift of Great Teachers

The Gift of Great Teachers

It’s back-to-school season, so I’ve been thinking about what Bennett’s Primrose teachers mean to our family. Obviously, I appreciate their attentiveness to my son’s safety and overall well-being; these are things we expect from all child care providers. And while it’s certainly important to me that Bennett comes home in one piece, I’m even more grateful that Bennett’s teachers care for his intellect with equal diligence, and do so in an age-appropriate and therefore truly impactful way.

I think about this on days when my morning send-off goes sideways – when Bennett jumps the gun, makes a beeline for the garage door, I intercept him, and then he throws a fit because he’s ready to go but we’re not. It is amidst his wailing and stomping of feet that I see the seeds his teachers have sown. The fact that Bennett wakes up ready and willing to go to school is something I am truly grateful for.

Another thing I’m thankful for is how Bennett’s teachers have shown me the range and depth of my son’s capabilities. He tells me when he’s tired of splashing around in the bathtub with sign language rather than tantrums. He feeds himself with utensils and hands me his plate when he’s finished with his dinner. He even says “please” (most of the time).

I never would have guessed that an 18-month-old child could do these things without being prompted or coached (“Now give me your plate… we don’t throw our plates on the floor… hand them to Daddy like a big boy…”). Yet Bennett has shown me otherwise, and his teachers are the reason why. Without his teachers at Primrose, I’m quite sure Bennett wouldn’t have made it to this developmental “fast track.” I’d still be doing for him what he could do for himself. His teachers, not I, gave him the chance to realize his abilities. And they’ve taught me how to be an enabler rather than a baby-er.

For all of this, I give my heartfelt thanks to the teachers present and past who have helped Bennett grow and shown me his true potential.

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