Teach Children Respect with DIY Bingo

Teach Children Respect with DIY Bingo

When a child learns to treat others with respect at a young age, they are more likely to build strong relationships and act with kindness in the future. Respect can be a big concept for little ones to wrap their heads around. To help them better understand the idea of respect, try using games like this easy Respect Bingo. 

  • Printer 
  • Paper 
  • Marker 

Print out one bingo card per child. Each square on the respect bingo card features an act of respect your child can try at school, at home or beyond. Each player will then mark an “X” in the corresponding box as they complete each task. Have them share with you when they complete one of the prompts and help them mark an “X” on the corresponding square with the marker. Keep the bingo card in an easy-to-see spot, such as on your fridge, and “play” with your child every day by encouraging them to complete one respect square a day.  

Once your child has marked 3 squares in a row, they’ve reached bingo! Talk with your child about how proud they are of themselves for showing so many different ways of being respectful. Continue the game with new ideas on ways to be respectful.  

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