Talking About Art with Young Children

Talking About Art with Young Children


Art and learning to be creative play important roles in a child’s developmentArt is a fun way for children of all ages to express themselves, and it also helps them develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and self-expression. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your child’s art time at home! 

Gather your materials. 

You probably already have a variety of materials around the house to help your child unleash their inner artist, including: 

  • Paper 
  • Traditional art materials like crayons, markers, and glue 
  • Non-traditional art materials like pom pomspipe cleaners, and magazines 

Once you have gathered your materialsencourage your child to create a masterpiece! 

  • Give them a theme or a topic 
  • Ask them to draw or paint how they are feeling 
  • Give them a prompt to generate creativity 

Make no assumptions. 

As your child creates their masterpiece, prompt them by saying, “You are working very hard on your art project, tell me the story of what you are making.”  

Don’t assume the picture is a picture of mommy, or that the animal is a depiction of the family dog. Instead ask the child to tell you the story of what they are making.  

Ask open-ended questions. 

As your child tells you the story, continue to ask open-ended questions and provide more open-ended prompts, like: 

  • Why did you use the pink chalk here 
  • Tell me about this blue circle! 
  • What would your picture be called? 

Join in on the fun! 

To extend the activitycreate your own masterpiece with your childBe sure to tell them the story of what you’re creating and why.   


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