Swirling Milk Craft

Swirling Milk Craft

This easy, at-home sensory activity is a blast of colorful fun!

Note: While your child will have tons of fun watching the colors swirl, this activity is not meant to be consumed. Please exercise caution if allowing your child to handle ingredients.


  • Shallow dish or bowl
  • Whole milk
  • Food coloring (Tip: try using different shades of blue and purple to make your masterpiece look like a swirling night sky!)
  • Cotton swab
  • Liquid dish soap


  • Pour whole milk into bowl/dish until nearly full
  • Add food coloring to milk (Use 8-14 drops of different colors depending on the size of your bowl)
  • Use a cotton swab to place one drop of dish soap in the middle of the milk
  • Watch the creation swirl and come to life!

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