Summer Adventure Awaits at Primrose

Summer Adventure Awaits at Primrose

At Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club, we balance learning safely with joy, giving children ages 5-12 a chance to be engineers, artists and explorers all summer long.

Children are naturally curious and love to explore, discover and create. That’s why we’ve worked with education experts and use current research to incorporate design thinking and STEAM-based learning (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) into each day for elementary age children’s summer experiences.

Our innovative Balanced Learning® approach is more than an ordinary summer camp, and includes engineering challenges, scientific experiments and themed activities designed to empower children’s fullest potential.

Children engage in a variety of experiences each day, such as coding with robots, creating digital Claymation movies, or using recycled materials to engineer boats.

Each week plays off a different, exciting theme, giving school age children a safe and engaging way to learn and play. Check out this list of some Summer Adventure Club themes our students get to discover:

Get a Move On!

Adventures take the wheel and have the opportunity to engineer their won toy cars! We can’t wait to test “drive” their creations.

Crack the Code!

Do the robot! Adventures get hands on with problem-solving through programming-building robots and coding them to life.

Give it New Life

Adventurers are immersed in a week of kinetic, moving art. By the end of the week, they’ll have an opportunity to use kinetic art to design something beautiful and functional!

Set it in Motion!

Be on the lookout for a masterpiece! We’re using claymation, stop-motion and more to learn all about digital art.

Squishy, Fizzy Fun

Water rockets, explosions and slime, oh my! Adventurers will conduct fun, messy experiments that are sure to engage their ingenuity and complete engineering design challenges that will spark their innovation skills.

Art Smarts

Adventurers will let their creativity flow as they create and learn with literacy and math-based art activities. Get ready to paint, sculpt, create stop-motion videos, design tessellations and more.

A Leg Up

We’re kicking off summer with some fancy footwork while playing games like soccer, High Five Tag and Tunnel Tag!

Deep Sea Adventure

What’s beneath the ocean? Adventurers will explore a virtual sea through computer games and robot submarines they’ve programmed themselves!

Blast Off!

We have liftoff! Adventurers are exploring the wonders of space as they build rockets, program robots, play coding games and more.

Read the full list of Summer Adventure Club Theme Description here.

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