A curious little boy holds onto his fireman's hat

Singing about Safety

Children come into the world full of surprises, and Bennett is no different. To me, one of Bennett’s more surprising traits is his musicality. Let’s put it this way, Bennett said the word “trumpet” before “mom” or “dad.”

At 2 years old, Bennett doesn’t speak much yet, but his ear has become quite sensitive. He can name instruments he hears when we play classical music for him. It is pretty impressive, even if all brass instruments besides trumpets are still just “horns” in his mind.

I credit the Rhythm & Notes® enrichment program at Primrose for helping to develop Bennett’s musical interest, and since he loves music so much, we enrolled him in The Music Class® on Saturdays. The Music Class offers programs and classes designed specifically to maximize children’s musical potential. We thought this would be a great extension of the music activities he was doing at Primrose every day.

In The Music Class, children learn about music, but they also learn through music, which may be even more valuable in the long run. One example of this is the “Fire Truck” song. The lyrics are cute (“Ding, ding, ding, ding, fire truck, fire truck / zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom / Climb the ladder with hose, squirt the fire, out it goes / whoosh”) and the little pantomime that goes with them is even cuter (picture a child using an imaginary hose to put out the fire).

The “Fire Truck” song has given me and my wife an opportunity to discuss community helpers with Bennett. We think it’s important for him to have a healthy respect for police and firefighters, and we also want to familiarize him with these heroes so he can recognize them in the event of an actual emergency. Now, Bennett calls every siren to our attention, telling us that it’s a fire truck or police car.

I really hope he never has to interact with police or fire fighters in the course of their duty, but if he does, I’m quite sure Bennett won’t hesitate to listen to them because he understands that they are there to help him. Music has proved an excellent medium for communicating this very important idea to a young child.

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