Simple STEM Activity: Rain-Ready Outfit

Girl cuddling teddy bear and walking under and umbrella in the rain.

Simple STEM Activity: Rain-Ready Outfit

In Primrose classrooms, teachers use STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) to help students gain a better understanding of the world around them while building critical thinking, reasoning and other crucial decision-making skills. By using fun, hands-on activities, teachers create engaging learning experiences that bring these concepts to life.

Looking for a fun and easy STEM activity you can do with your child at home? Gather up some household materials they can use to create a recycled outfit to protect their favorite stuffed animal from the rain – no sewing machine needed. Follow these simple steps to get started!


  • Drawing paper
  • Non-toxic markers or crayons
  • Recycled materials (various types of fabrics, empty containers, etc.)
  • Safety Scissors
  • Tape
  • Stuffed animal your child does not mind getting wet
  • Spray bottle with water


Start by explaining to your child that their goal is to create an item of clothing that will help protect their stuffed animal from rainy weather.

  • Use the drawing paper and markers/crayons to draw an outfit first to get an idea of what the outfit will look like and what kind of materials they want to use.
  • Grown-up step: After your child has chosen materials, help them use safety scissors to cut the materials into shapes to make the outfit.
  • Tape the pieces of materials together to create an outfit.
  • Put the outfit on the stuffed animal.
  • Your child can test the outfit by spraying it with water.
  • If the stuffed animal is wet underneath the outfit, help your child redesign the outfit to be more waterproof. As your child redesigns the outfit, explain to them why it’s important to try again when things don’t work the way you wanted them to the first time. Encouraging them to always try again helps teach them perseverance skills.

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