Share the Love with a Valentine’s (Emergency Contact) Card

Grandfather looks at his granddaughter lovingly as she lies in his arms

Share the Love with a Valentine’s (Emergency Contact) Card

‘Tis the season of love! With hearts and teddy bears in every storefront this month, we are constantly reminded to give cards, gifts and hugs to the ones we love most. This makes Valentine’s Day an excellent time to not only remind our children how much we love them, but also to demonstrate our love in an important way – by ensuring they will be cared for in an emergency.

During times of crisis, children are the most vulnerable and need special attention and care. The environment may seem scary and uncertain, making children feel anxious or fearful. Busy schedules and after-school activities may prevent you from being with your children at the time of an emergency, and it’s possible that you may not be able to reach or reconnect with them right away. That’s why the people we name as our children’s emergency contacts (Grandma, Uncle David, Auntie Beth) are those that we love and trust the most; they may be one of the first familiar faces to offer a helping hand and comforting words to our children.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day by revisiting your children’s emergency contacts through the following four actions:

  1. Establish Your Contacts: Help your children learn the names (first and last) and phone numbers of three emergency contacts.
    • Their parents
    • A local friend or family member
    • An out-of-town friend or family member
  2. Practice by Making a Love Connection: Have children practice calling their contacts by having them say “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
  3. Create Emergency Contact Cards: Make an emergency contact card that can be kept in your children’s backpacks or lunchboxes. Create one now using Save the Children’s easy Emergency Contact Card Creator.
  4. Share the Love: Ensure all of your children’s schools and care providers have updated emergency contact information, including multiple ways to reach each person.

Emergency contact card

Who will you trust to care for your children in an emergency and do they know how much you appreciate them? Just like our Valentines, be sure to connect with and show love to those contacts this season. There’s no better time to reach out and ask, “Will you be mine?” My emergency contact, that is!

For more information, resources and tips on getting your family better prepared for emergencies, check out Primrose Schools’ Get Ready. Get Safe. blog series in partnership with Save the Children.


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