Reading with Your Child Now Pays Dividends Later

Toddler reading picture book

Reading with Your Child Now Pays Dividends Later

Did you know that language is a skill that all humans are programmed to learn from birth? While language is hardwired in all of us, reading is a skill that must be taught, as it is a human invention and not learned “naturally.”  Early literacy skills in the first five years are predictive of a child’s literacy skills through 5th grade and beyond! Reading to your little one during the first five years not only helps them in their early literacy journey but can also help them build a love of learning that will last a lifetime. 

If you are a parent interested in boosting your child’s early literacy skills, look for opportunities throughout the week to explore books together. When you speak the words your child sees on the page, they hear patterns of language and rhythm, rhyme and repetition. This recognition helps them better understand words, which in turn improves their vocabulary and comprehension.   

In addition to reading with young children, use these tips to help increase their literacy skills:  

  • Read a variety of books: From poetry to non-fiction, reading books from different genres helps diversify your child’s interests and expose them to the many types of written word. 
  • Tell oral stories: Not all stories come from the page! Telling fairy tales and similar oral stories will expand your child’s vocabulary and increase their phonological awareness. 
  • Show how reading is a part of life: Try emphasizing to your child how they can read to gain information, complete daily activities and relax. When they ask you a question, model how to research and find answers through reading.  

Another important factor in your child’s literacy journey is the quality of their education. At Primrose Schools, our innovative Balanced Learning® curriculum is grounded in the latest research on early literacy and teaches children not just how to read, but how to love it. Teachers utilize the Balanced Learning® curriculum to provide students with skills they need to become lifelong readers, such as vocabulary, comprehension, real-world connections and more. And by focusing on each child’s progress, teachers can focus on their strengths and needs, and communicate them with families.  

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