Why Do Moms Love Primrose?

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Why Do Moms Love Primrose?

You’ve heard the adage mother knows best. So why do parents choose Primrose?

We provide families with top-notch education and care for their children, nurturing curiosity, confidence, creativity and compassion through our Balanced Learning approach. The teachers and school leadership team at each Primrose school work with parents to help students build the right foundation for future learning and for life.

Want to learn more about what it’s really like to be a Primrose parent? Check out these Primrose School reviews and testimonials* from real moms:

My son having a positive environment to grow and mature in a healthy way with Primrose Schools was so incredible for all of us. He has teachers at his school that gave him full attention, knowing that he does not have to compete for it like he does at home with his brother and sister really helped my anxiety and constant guilt that I carried with me every single day I left for work. Knowing that he was ok emotionally and taken care of was priceless.” – Sara, mom of 3

The owner talked to me many times throughout the deciding process and I knew that [Primrose] was the school for us because of how it was run. The entire time that Jackson attended, I did not cry or worry once about where he was, what he was learning, or attention or love he was getting. It actually gave me peace going to work every day knowing he was in such good hands. I know [my kids] are around the best staff, they are actually eating their vegetables (LOVE the Primrose menu), and get updates on what they did and learn every single day. Can they just stay here until college?” – Mireille, mom of 2

“Both of my daughters went to the Primrose here in my town, and it was a wonderful experience for them, as well as for my husband and me. Everything was top-notch from the cleanliness and safety to the staff and activities. I have recommended Primrose to probably hundreds of people already and wanted to share our love for them with even more people.” – Mickey, mom of 3

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“Having a school like Primrose to lean on means I can get important deadlines finished while Max is learning executive function skills to prepare him for kindergarten. Primrose aims to nurture curiosity, confidence, creativity, and compassion. There is no mom guilt as a working parent from me as I know he is learning the knowledge he needs to succeed in life while I’m providing for our family. This is our balance.” – Jess, mom of 2

From the moment Laila was born, my husband and I were adamant about choosing childcare that was not just apple juice, crackers, and snacks all day, but one with structure, education, learning, and fun all into one. After consulting some of my closest mom friends, we landed on Primrose Schools. From the day we took a tour to today, Primrose has developed a full-fledge curriculum built with intention and early education, and we have been proud to not call it “daycare” but call it “school”. I am proud we chose Primrose for Laila’s early education and will be forever grateful for the skills she has learned and how well she continues to progress with each passing day!” – Latisha, mom of 2

Primrose understands the challenge parents face in balancing work and taking care of their children, but parents can rest assured their child is in a nurturing, stimulating environment and gaining the skills they need to succeed.

*Note: Each of these bloggers was compensated for their content. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are those solely of the author. Additionally, each Primrose school is individually owned and operated. 


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