Making Pals and Giving Back in Our Primrose Classrooms

Primrose student writes letter to Primrose Promise Pal through Save the Children

Making Pals and Giving Back in Our Primrose Classrooms

Children are never too young to learn about the importance of helping others. Engaging young children in selfless activities, such as giving, is key for cultivating empathy and developing good character. In our Primrose classrooms, students learn to practice empathy, friendship and compassion through activities like our Primrose Promise Pals program.

Primrose Promise Pals is a child sponsorship program through our longstanding partnership with Save the Children U.S.. Through this special program, students, teachers and staff at Primrose schools have the opportunity to help provide access to high quality education, healthy foods and opportunities to grow in a nurturing environment to children from 22 school districts around the U.S.

In addition to making a difference, Primrose students foster relationships with their pals by writing letters to each other. It’s a part of our Balanced Learning® approach that makes developing good character hands-on and fun for children. For Primrose students, the program provides a fun opportunity to share photos, drawing and notes about what they’re learning in the classroom, all while building relational skills and making special connections with other children. For the “pals” that receive the letters and sponsorship, the benefits are even more valuable. Here are two stories of how the Primrose Promise Pals program makes a tangible difference in the lives of some of our nation’s most vulnerable children:


Jayla is an eight-year-old, third grade student. She has been part of Save the Children Programs since she was three years old. When she was in second grade, Jayla was identified as reading below her grade level and needed extra tutoring to help her reach a higher reading level. Jayla says she did not enjoy reading because she felt it was too difficult at first.

Jayla was enrolled in the Save the Children Sponsorship Program and would frequently get letters from her Primrose sponsors. While she was excited to see many letters addressed to her from other students, she wished she could read the letters in her classroom. With these letters serving as her motivation, Jayla practiced reading her high-frequency words and worked diligently with a tutor. Within one month, she was able to read independently and was excelling on reading comprehension tests.

By the end of her second-grade school year, Jayla was reading at almost a third-grade level and was finally able to share her Primrose letters with her classroom. When asked what inspired her to read, she says, “My Primrose friends. I love getting so many letters, but I did not know how to read them at first. I get so many letters and have so many friends write to me. I had to know what they were saying, so I could tell my class how nice they all were and things they do in their school.”



Alexis is an eight-year-old student in third grade. She is on her school’s basketball team and cheerleading squad and hopes to one-day cheer in high school.

Alexis has been part of Save the Children programs since she was three, and it was in these programs that she discovered a love for storybooks. Looking back, she says, “I remember looking at the illustrations and trying to imagine what was going on. I still like to look at the pictures first to see if I can figure out what the story will be about.”

Working with a tutor through the Save the Children in school program, Alexis has improved her reading fluency and now excels on reading assessments, reading at a fourth-grade level. Alexis has now read hundreds of books, is building a book collection at her home and hopes to write a book for children one day.

As a participant in the Primrose Promise Pals program, Alexis says she enjoys getting letters from students in school just like her: “Mail days are my most favorite days. It feels like my birthday when so many new friends send me wonderful cards and drawings. It is the best day ever.” She has saved every single letter, photo and drawing received over the past four years and has made a special place for these in her room. While she especially enjoys the drawings, she loves learning what other students are doing at school and at home.

Together with Save the Children, we’re working to forge a path that leads to a brighter future for all children. Click here to learn more about how your family can join Primrose and Save the Children in making a difference!  

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